About Me

Hello and welcome to My Inner Shakti (MIS)!

My name is Parita, and I’m so glad you clicked over (either on purpose or accidentally) to my little corner of the internet!  Shakti is the Sanskrit word for strength/power, and my goal is to share the things that feed my inner strength (especially as a mama to an energetic toddler!).  

In a nutshell, I’m a full-time working mom who’s passionate about sharing my personal motherhood experiences as genuinely and authentically as possible (read: a normal (on most days), hot mess mom who has nothing figured out but wants to share what she’s learning along the way!).  Think of MIS as a motherhood lifestyle blog.  Essentially, I ramble on and on about everything from making time for fitness to quick recipes to prioritizing my marriage to product reviews to personal development…and the list goes on!  MIS and I aren’t perfect, but you’ll always find a real, honest, and vulnerable voice sharing her journey.


Anyways, whether you decide to read regularly or not, I hope you walk away with a smile on your face.  Thanks for stopping by!

One quick note – as of April 2019, I have decided to donate all advertising proceeds from MIS to a different charity every month!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send me a note at myinnershakti@gmail.com. 

Please note that I’m not a health care professional.  Everything I blog about is based on my personal accounts and experiences.  Please consult your doctor if you’re going to make major changes to your diet, exercise regimen, and/or lifestyle.