Hi hi! Is it just me or is this summer just flying by? Kaiden starts school in a month and change, and that seems impossible given that it feels like he just got done.

Personally, I had all these plans to blog more and share more, etc. this summer, but that’s not happening. Ha! Partly it’s just that I don’t have time to sit down and blog like I want to, and partly it’s because anytime I do think to share, the question, “Who really cares?” comes up. I’ll tell you, being a blog or public IG sharer isn’t what it used to be!

That said, I did want to share a few recent happenings if only for myself to reflect on later…

We went to Vishnu’s uncles out this past weekend in Knoxville, TN and had a lot of fun. We honestly didn’t do much, but the kids had fun hanging out. It felt like a classic old school family hang, if you know what I mean!

My uncle has a dog, and so does his MIL who was also staying there at the same time as us. Kaiden REALLY took to both dogs and they really took to K. I have a strong feeling a fur baby is in our (distant) future!

We ended up coming home on Saturday evening instead of Sunday like we originally planned. Mainly because I had a baby shower to go to on Sunday afternoon, but also because I like to have at least one buffer day between coming home from a trip and launching into the week. Relieves some of the overwhelm for sure!

Speaking of launching into the week…

Kaiden started art camp with a few friends this week. My little artsy guy is loving it. They get to paint, draw, and build things out of clay. Although I will say, all the glitter threw me off on Monday. I didn’t let him bring his creations into the house. We’re going to keep everything in the garage for now!

Mila started potty training camp at school on Monday. Her class/teachers are doing a three week camp focused solely on potty training. They read books about the potty, they talk about the before, during and after of the process, etc. I’m hoping with everything I have that after these three weeks, we’re on our way to weaning off pull-ups! FINGERS AND TOES ARE CROSSED!

And this week is a big one for me too from an Awarify Coaching perspective. I started working with my new cohort of coachees from my corporate client! I’m super excited because the women I’ve talked to so far are amazing.

I also got my big check for this work I’m doing, so that was a nice surprise in the mail yesterday!

Overall, things are going well. We have a low-key weekend coming up, and I’m definitely looking forward to it!

By Parita

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