Y’all we had the greatest Saturday celebrating Kaiden’s 7th birthday!

He didn’t want a party this year, so we did a whole Kaiden day instead.

We went to the splash pad, we watched a movie, we went to a toy store so he could pick out a few gifts of his own, we went to hibachi for dinner, and then Andy’s for some dessert. It really was the best!

I have a feeling seven is going to be pretty awesome. I can already see some changes in K from even just a few months ago. I’ve read that at some point a switch turns on and a lot changes in terms of emotions and behaviors. The actual age varies by kid, and I think for K it may be the transition between 6 and 7.

I also credit the SummerTrac camp he attended for some of these changes. Those three weeks really transformed him!

The biggest change I see is that he’s much more willing to try new foods. Just a few months ago, we were still dealing with mealtime meltdowns, but now, he gives (mostly) everything a try. Such a nice shift!

Another change I’m noticing is his emotion regulation and frustration tolerance. He doesn’t flip from calm to not in a matter of seconds anymore. He’s able express himself and get his emotions across without tears.

I will also say that we welcome all opinions and thoughts from our kids as long as they are communicated respectfully. That helps because there’s no question I won’t answer or topic I won’t touch – in age appropriate ways. I think this helps the kids over time not to be afraid to share what they’re thinking/feeling because anything and everything is on the table (even my own emotions sometimes).

Kaiden has also become quite self-sufficient in terms of taking responsibility for tasks and helping out around the house. I need to be better about having him help out more and not just doing things by myself, but it’s moving in a positive direction.

In terms of his relationship with Mila, he’s honestly the best big brother ever – very gentle and sweet with her 90% of the time. Of course, he does his best to annoy her sometimes, but like I say, what good is a big bro if he doesn’t annoy you every now and then. Something we’re working on with him is asserting himself when Mila gets physical or whiny about wanting his stuff. He just gives in or laughs, and that’s not helping Mila (or us) at all. Other than that, I love listening to them talk to each other. It’s the cutest!

At age 7, Kaiden loves – his family, building things, imaginative play, singing Taylor Swift songs and T. Swift in general, parks, swimming/water, TV/movies…

I love my little guy so so so much! I’m so thankful he chose us to be his parents in this life. Here’s the year 7 being the best yet!

By Parita

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