Q2 felt good from a health and wellness perspective. I added some new things to the mix, I kept up with my routines (90% of the time!), and I did what I could without stressing myself out.

You can read my Q1 update here.

Strong over skinny is still the goal! And with that, let’s jump in…


On the fitness front, I’m still doing 3 days of strength training with an upper, lower + core, and full body split. The only change is that I created my own program via the Peloton app that I plan to follow for four weeks at a time before switching things up. All that means is that I repeat the same strength workouts for four weeks. Haha!

I also added OrangeTheory to the mix once a week. I’m really loving the change and challenge in my routine and getting out of the house. My friend Roshni and I try to go together, so that’s honestly been the best part! I count my OT days as a HIIT/cardio day because while there is a strength component, you’re not lifting heavy enough and in a controlled manner.

I’m also still walking as much as possible via my walking pad and with all the steps I take doing normal things around the house.

I’ve fallen off habit of stretching every night, but I’m definitely working towards bringing that back because my body needs it!


The nutrition front is pretty much the same as what it was in Q1. The only thing I’ve changed is adding more carbs where I can.

I talked to a fitness coach (like a discovery call but with more tactical information), and she said that based on my goals (body recomposition), I need more carbs in my diet, especially given my age, perimenopause, etc.

All this really means is adding 1/4 cup of oats to my smoothie and/or adding a small piece of sourdough bread to my lunch. Nothing crazy!

I’m also still drinking 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with a big glass of water every day.


I’m still taking the supplements I mentioned in my last update. The only change here is that I now also take a Krill Oil tablet for Omega-3s. I’ve been reading a lot about the importance of Omega-3s, and while we do eat fist once a week, I suspect that’s not enough.

A couple of months ago, I also started taking 1 tsp (about 3 grams) of creatine a day. Creatine is the most researched supplement, and it’s supposed to be good for women in perimenopause.

After about 3 weeks of starting it, I noticed significant hair loss. According to a small study, there is a slight risk of this happening to some people. The thing is I’m four or more weeks out from stopping, but I’m still loosing hair. So maybe creatine wasn’t the issue…

I’m thinking of adding Biotin or Nutafol to the mix to help with the hair lose. I tried Nutrafol after having Mila and it helped.


I still have the same mindset I had in Q1, but now I’m trying to incorporate more restful moments in my day (re: trying to move away from the always productive mindset).

Also, like I always have, looking at my days not in terms of the day itself and how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ it was, but looking at the average of all that I did over the course of a week. It’s more helpful and realistic.


Copying this over from my last post because it’s important and still holds true…

Remember, this is my health and wellness journey in the system I operate in. None of this information should be considered medical advice. Please consult your doctor before making any changes or trying anything new.

And once you’ve gathered all of YOUR data, make sure you make choices that reflect YOUR goals, YOUR values, and what YOU want. Not some IG influencer. Make changes reflective of who you want to be.

If you got this far, thanks for reading. I could talk about this stuff all day long. I hope you found some piece of this post helpful. Leave a comment if you have any questions, ideas, etc.

By Parita

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