I have a few minutes before camp pick-up so thought I’d share a quick update.

Time definitely doesn’t feel like it’s my own right now if you know what I mean. Our/my routine is a little off. Summer mornings start later (which I totally love). The sunshine doesn’t exactly scream – stay in and work on your computer. Camp + travel mix makes it hard to stay on track with professional goals.

That said, I’m not complaining! I definitely love the slowness of summer vs. the school year. I feel like I have more time with the kids, which is the real goal!

Currently, Kaiden is in coding camp, which he LOVES! Yesterday he coded two games but couldn’t remember his teacher’s name. Ha! He was talking to Vishnu about loops and other coding language to which Vishnu said (to me), “Maybe we should enroll him in the year round program.” We shall see about that – given that we’re already squeezed for time during the school year.

Mila is also doing well. Just in a very toddler/almost 3 year old stage. Her first inclination (at home) is to whine/yell whenever she wants something when we haven’t even said no yet! I’m working with her to talk first. I just repeat the same line to her every time – “Mila, you don’t have to yell (or cry). You can talk to us. We will listen.” It worked with Kaiden…albeit it took a few years. She’s lucky she’s so cute!

We just got back from our trip to California for my cousin’s graduation party. We left Friday morning around 9:30 and landed in Atlanta on Sunday night at 9 pm. Phew! It was a whirlwind, but I’m so glad we made time to go. Kaiden said it was a good trip, and it made me happy to see him bonding with my extended family.

I really miss my grandparents though. I cried a little on Monday while looking at pictures from the weekend. I wish they lived closer! BUT I am so thankful I’ve had so much time with them…from the time I was a little girl to now. They’ve been at pretty much all of my major life events – from graduations to my wedding to everything in between. Hoping I can go back to CA in the early part of next year and take Mila with me.

Work wise things are starting to ramp up. I have another two corporate cohorts starting in July, so I’m working on getting my process and documents ready for that! I have a speaking engagement in August that I’m working on finalizing. And a few other things in the tentative mix.

I finally, after 1.5 years of really doing this (Awarify Coaching), feel like I have the right mix/balance of work + life. But this definitely ebbs and flows, so hoping I can can up the momentum. Something that’s helped me is telling myself I’m where I’m supposed to be and taking 1-2 inspired actions a day to move my business along. I also have boundaries on what is work time and what is family time, and I try to stay true to that as much as possible.

The next few weeks are filled with travel – Knoxville and then Indianapolis – both trips to visit Vishnu’s family. Will be fun!

Ok time to put on my Uber drive hat! 🙂

Hope y’all are having a good week!

By Parita

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