I’m going to get to the chase. The people who perform best under pressure are moms. End of story. Full stop.

If I ever decide to interview for a corporate job again and get asked, “Tell us about a time you had to make decisions under a lot of pressure and/or a time constraint,” this is the story I would tell…

I picked Mila up from school first yesterday. Her teacher changed her diaper, so I thought, “Great, don’t need to worry about a poopy diaper.” I totally jinxed myself!

We then went to pick Kaiden up from camp. We were in line for a few minutes when I smelled something, and I just knew Mila had pooped again. Not wanting to make it a big deal, I just felt the back of her diaper and confirmed my suspicions. The smell got worse by the minute, so I actually checked her diaper from the back. Sure enough, there was poop at the tippy top of her diaper, so I knew it was a big one.

The pressure was on because the plan was to go straight to Kaiden’s swim class after camp.

After we got K, I put Mila in the trunk and attempted to change her diaper (it was not just a big one but a HUGE one). Thankfully, I had a few extra Pullups in our swim bag and a plastic grocery store bag, BUT I didn’t have any wipes. I did, however, have Kleenex, so I used a bunch of those to get her clean enough.

The next issue was that her shorts were dirty. That’s when I said f*** it and put her back in her carseat with just the Pullup and drove to swim.

The new plan was to get Kaiden to his class, drive home to properly clean Mila, and drive back just in time to get K. We were already late for swim, so I crossed my fingers and got to driving!

The lady at the front desk of the swim school basically told me my plan would work if I got back 10 minutes before K’s class ended. I literally had 10 minutes to drive home (we live two minutes from the swim school), do what I needed to do, and drive back.

And guess what…your girl (mom) did it! I was a sweaty beast by the end of it, but I did it.

A few lessons learned from all of this…

  1. Moms are the real GOATs!
  2. I can do hard (and gross) things!
  3. We really need to get M potty trained. Her teacher is running a two week potty training ‘camp’ soon so hoping that helps the process along a bit.
  4. I need to keep an extra pair of clothes for both kids in both of our cars.
  5. I need to either carry Mila’s diaper bag with me everywhere we go, or I need to keep an extra pack of wipes in the car.

By Parita

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