Happy Friday, y’all! It has been a week. The biggest thing around here is that we now have a second grader! What?! TIME FLIES. It’s cheesy but true.

Someone once told me that once your kid enters first grade, time feels like it’s moving at warp speed and doesn’t slow down until they’re done with their senior year. I can confirm that first grade went by in warp speed.

The kids are going to spend two nights with my parents this weekend so that Vishnu and I can get some stuff done around the house – clean/organize the garage, power wash our decks, work on our big gallery wall, etc. We also plan to have some fun – date night and then axe throwing with my sister and BIL!

Summer is officially (well, not officially but you know what I mean) here, and I’m here for it!

Let’s on to some Friday Stuff…

Friday Thoughts

I was talking to a friend yesterday, and we were discussing how both of us get stuck in anticipatory stress, even when we have fun/good things going on. That got me thinking about how stress doesn’t make anything easier, but it definitely takes away from YOUR fun and enjoyment. For example, if you have family visiting over the weekend, your anticipatory stress may be around planning meals, cleaning the house, etc. But the work is still the work, whether you’re stressed or not. But when you’re in stress mode, none of it is fun. Sometimes not even the best parts. Something to think about!

This morning, Kaiden helped Mila with something, so I said, “Mila, you are a lucky girl. You have the best big brother.” To which Kaiden replied, “I’d do anything for her.” MY FREAKING HEART! THIS KID! I CAN’T!

Something that came up for me while journaling yesterday morning was how I want to be more curious before I respond. So I wrote that down as something I would work on. It’s funny how the universe works because I had plenty of chances to do so – with Kaiden, with my mom, with Vishnu. I tried my best to forgo any judgement and got curious instead. I gave them all chances to speak and explain before jumping in with my response. All it takes is a pause. So simple yet so hard sometimes!

I went to a 5 am OrangeTheory class this morning with my friend Roshni. Woo wee! It was a good one. My legs are feeling it. I won 3 free classes at the SAWM garba back in March. Today was my second class. I’m definitely going to buy more classes after my 3rd free class. I don’t see myself going more than once a week, but it’s definitely a fun and intense addition to the week.

Friday Links

Boost your mental health by moving more – Movement is just as good for your mind as it is for your body.

The Question That Can Change Your Life If You Let It – One of my personal favorite MIS posts. I stumbled across it again the other day and knew I had to share it. I still ask myself this question daily. So powerful!

The Most Important Decision of Your Life – This story made my heart happy.

Happy weekend!

By Parita

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