Hey hey! Happy Friday! Our week was pretty normal and predictable (will never stop taking that for granted!). The highlight for me was Mila eating four servings of paneer + tofu makhani (my mom’s homemade sauce). She just kept wanting more and more!

This weekend should be a good one. Tomorrow is Field Day at K’s school, so I’ll be there with him all day. It’s one of the most anticipated events of the year! After that, I’m going to drive him to my BIL and SIL’s house because he’s spending the weekend with them. I believe they have plans to attend a local festival and to go swimming. He’s so excited! Vishnu and I will end the night with a cheese + random things dinner and a movie!

Saturday is a chill day for us…only one kid and no major plans until the evening. We’re going to see Hasan Minaj that night. Vishnu’s parents will come over to watch Mila. Should be fun!

The Sunday lineup includes our religious class, a haircut for Mila, and a birthday dinner for a good friend.

Should be a good one!

Let’s move on to some Friday stuff…

Friday Thoughts

I feel like I’m all out of thoughts after going on an IG tirade about Harrison Butker and his commencement speech basically going against all the things I strongly believe in. But seriously…what a BOZO. I do think the cancel culture pendulum has swung a little too far in one direction, but I also hope he gets cancelled.

Other than that, I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of choice that we all have. And how no one is coming to save us. Therefore, it’s so important that we live more intentionally and take ownership of our decisions. Lots I can say here but will leave it at that for now.

I tried Orange Theory this week and LOVED the workout! I was super nervous going in because this was a totally new experience for me, but I truly enjoyed it from start to finish. So much so that once my 3 class pass is done, I’m going to sign up for a bigger class pack. I don’t see myself going 2-3x a week, but I think OT would be a fun weekly addition to my workout routine.

Friday Links

Parenting + the lack of time – Love this perspective!

Getting Ahead vs. Having Enough – Something everyone could probably benefit from thinking about more.

10 Questions to Help You Declutter Your Spending – Such important questions…ones that I want to embed in my kids’ minds too!

Understanding My Son, One Game of Catch at a Time – THIS –> “Parenthood is so full of letting go — not just of children turning into young adults and leaving home, but of so many little selves along the path to adulthood. The smiley, round-cheeked toddler becomes the shy 7-year-old; the thoughtful, shaggy-haired kindergartner becomes the clean-cut, Celtics-mad fifth grader. Sometimes the urge to hold on feels almost frantic. The only way to pin time down is to remember: this moment, this boy, this place. Ritual and repetition.”

Have a great weekend!

By Parita

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