Y’all! The things that come out of K and M’s mouths sometimes makes me laugh and/or scratch my head sometimes. I’m sure every parent feels this way…it’s the best and sometimes it’s not!

Let’s start with Mila because her stuff is just funny!

“Oh my gosh, girl!” Said with all the sassiness she can muster

“Mommy, I farted in my butt.” LOL!

“I love my brotherrrrrr.” Five seconds later she bops him on the head.

“Mommy, can I have a washclub in the bath?” Washclub = washcloth HA!

“That’s amazinggggg, Mommy!” Her newest thing whenever someone shows her something they’ve done. Me coloring = amazing and Kaiden jumping off the coach = amazing!

“I love you soooo much. I love you toooo much.” My heart!

And now on to Mr. Kaiden!

This morning – “Mommy, why do you talk to me about dying so much?” First of all, we don’t talk about dying all the time. But recently, Vishnu’s aunt and cousin passed away, and he overheard us talking about that. So instead of lying to him, I explained what happened in an age appropriate way. I had to explain this to him on the way to school. Hoping he got it and definitely hoping he doesn’t tell anyone that I talk about death all the time!

“Mommy, what would happen to humans if Earth was like Venus? Would we all blow up and die?” See, he’s the one who talks about dying all the time!

The other night I asked Kaiden what things make up the best life. To which he responded without skipping a beat, “Everything.” When I asked what everything means, he said, “Me, you, Daddy, and Mila.” My heart!

If I’m being honest, I wasn’t a fan of the newborn/infant years. I loved the cuddles and cuteness of that time, but my own stresses and anxieties just didn’t allow me to enjoy it (I did enjoy a little more with Mila than with K). However, I LOVE the toddler + little/big kid stage. Don’t get me wrong, I still get mad, frustrated, and basically want to pull my hair out every now and then, but watching them slowly grow into the adults they’re one day going be is the highest privilege of my life.

And it helps that I’m pretty much their favorite person right now! I know that’ll change a little as they grow up, but again, it’s a privilege I don’t take lightly.

Happy Wednesday!

By Parita

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