Whenever I start to feel stress and overwhelm pull me closer to the dark side, I grab my journal and start writing a list of small, simple things I’m thankful for. It always helps. Sometimes more than others. But it helps every time.

Yesterday, I got a call from Kaiden’s school around 1:30. It was the school nurse, and she told me that the back of his leg was super swollen and that I needed to pick him up and take him to the doctor. Of course, my mind went into a spiral for a few seconds, but then, I got it together and drove to the school.

Long story short, he’s fine! His class field trip was yesterday, and part of it was a nature walk. I’m guessing that’s when he was bit. Whatever got him must’ve been pretty big because the bite mark itself was visible and rough to the touch. Regardless, he’s ok!

But of course, my mind visited some crazy places. Not completely unwarranted since we hear so many crazy stories on the news and social media. But I reminded myself that the chances of this being anything serious are low, and that by keeping a clear head, I’ll be better equipped to handle the situation.

Thankful this wasn’t anything serious.

Also, learning to save the intensity for the intense moments. Learning to stay as levelheaded as possible whenever possible because when the storm actually does hit, as it will for all of us at some point, I want to be a force of calm and not chaos.

All that to say, I did pull out my journal to jot down some (small) things I’m thankful for. Here’s a list of things from over the past few days…

  • the fact that K’s bug bite didn’t spread and cause more concern and also the good people at his school who care about him
  • the flexibility I have to drop everything on a moment’s notice
  • my mom’s enchiladas (so good!)
  • my friends who always check-in and generally make life more fun
  • Vishnu and his cute idiosyncrices
  • my sister and her honest nature
  • our Sunday school teacher’s warmth and kindness
  • the sense of community we’ve built/are building
  • the way Kaiden talks with authority when he’s serious about something
  • the way Mila’s eyes crinkle up when she laughs

Hope you find a few things to be thankful for today!

By Parita

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