It’s Friday, y’all! I don’t know about you, but this week flew by. Nothing super exciting happened around here, except that Mila is finally comfortable in the water and having a blast during her swim lessons. Woo!

This weekend should be a fun one. Kaiden has a birthday pool party after school today. In the evening, we’re going to build something we got from a subscription service called Crunch Labs. Vishnu follows the founder’s YouTube channel and thought this would be something Kaiden really enjoys. We shall see!

The plan for tomorrow is Kumon + strawberry picking, but that is totally weather dependent. The alternate plan is to go to the aquarium. Later in the evening, Vishnu and I have a 40th birthday party.

On Sunday, we have our religious class, and then an event through another cultural org we’re a part of.

Phew! Hoping to fit in some downtime over the next fews days as well.

Let’s move on to some Friday thoughts…

Friday Thoughts


Earlier this year, I made it a goal to find some smaller speaking opportunities. I honestly haven’t been actively pursuing this, but a couple of weeks ago, I met someone who wants me to keynote a women’s event he’s hosting.

So when I say manifesting, this is what I mean…

Identify what you want. Write it down. Take small direct and/or indirect actions. Watch as opportunities start to present themselves.

This opportunity was not a gift from the Universe plopping itself in front of me. It’s not something that appeared out of thin air.

It’s the result of me putting myself out there and trying to build genuine connections. It’s the result of me knowing what I want and working hard to make it a reality.

If you’re going to practice manifestation, do it this way. It works, I promise!


There’s so much to say, and yet it feels like nothing we say will ever be enough.

Here’s something Vishnu and I discussed the other day…

Let’s say your kid or your family’s life was in danger. Would you be ok with blanket bombings in the name of supposedly targeting the ‘bad guys?’ Would you be ok sacrificing your child? I’m guessing every single parent’s answer would be no. Absolutely f’ing not.

Then why do we think it’s ok to ask other parents to make the ultimate sacrifice of burying their children?

And what if your kid grows up to stand for something and protests at his/her college because he/she believes so deeply in humanity for all. What if he/she gets arrested or has brutal force used against him/her? What if him/her expressing their powerful views jeopardizes their entire future? Would this be ok? I hope not.

Then why is this the answer the right now?

I’m not speaking up here to show that I’m all high and mighty. Absolutely not. I know these things are more complicated than we can imagine. And I could speak up more. I acknowledge that. But I also don’t see how not killing children is complicated. How we can’t just draw the line there.

10, 15, 20 years from now our kids will ask us what we did, what we said, what we thought about these events. Think about your honest answer. Then think about the look their faces when you tell them…

Friday Links

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Have a good weekend!

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