As you can see, I’m getting super creative with my post titles. Ha!

My favorite posts to write are the random, off the top of my head, babbling ones. So here we go…

It’s Tuesday afternoon, and I still have a few things to do before getting the kids. Namely – make dinner and do laundry. Two things I desperately wish I could outsource (as I’m sure most people would say).

Things I’ve done so far – worked out and walked, stopped by the dentist only to find out they messed up my trays and that I have four more weeks to go, Awarify work, and writing for external publications.

It’s been a productive day so far.

Yesterday, Vishnu and I talked a little about overwhelm. He’s not someone who outwardly shows his stress (unlike me). But he still feels it from time to time. We talked about how it’s good to talk about what we’re feeling and to give ourselves time to process and rewrite the narrative in our heads. However, when it comes down to reducing the overwhelm we feel, we have to take action. All the talking and thinking in the world isn’t going to do anything. Action is where it’s at – no matter how big or small.

Speaking of overwhelm (and kids) – want to reduce meltdowns, tantrums, and attitude? Go to the park! Works like a charm. Obviously a temporary fix, but a fun one so there’s that!

I’m hoping the rest of the week goes without a hiccup because I’ve got a few ‘out of the house’ meetings. Things I can’t really reschedule. Fingers crossed!

For those of you with kids, isn’t it crazy how there’s only less than a month (for us at least) of school left. Wild! I now get what a friend meant when she said that once you’re kid hits 1st grade, the time really does fly.

And our summer is super packed with lots of different camps (no YMCA per Kaiden’s requests) and 3-4 trips. I know parents who work outside the house or on a very specific schedule must hate the summer because of how random it is (re: camps starting and ending at different times), but I love it. The kids sleep in a bit more, the weather is so nice, there’s a lot of variety in our days (I only love this in the summer), and things are generally more relaxed. I can’t wait!

I told you this post would be random and babbling. Dinner ingredients are calling…g2g!

By Parita

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