Y’all! What a week. I was 24 hours ahead every single day. Thursday was definitely Friday for me. Ha!

Highlights of the week – everyone is healthy (phew!) and the weather has been great.

Lowlights of the week – Vishnu had a couple of evening shifts, and Mila has definitely been a twonager!

This weekend is gearing up to be a good one. I have a fun girls’ night planned for Friday night. And then we have Kumon on Saturday as well as an evening hang at a friend’s place. On Sunday, I’m attending a religious talk via our Sunday class, and we may go to my sister’s place in the afternoon/evening. Oh yeah, and Vishnu’s on call both days, so his parents are coming to support me! Excited to hang out with them as well.

Should be a good one!

Let’s move on to some Friday Stuff…

Friday Thoughts


I had an a-ha moment the other day while washing the dishes. I felt a little unproductive and like I hadn’t achieved anything since starting Awarify (NOT TRUE but that negative self-talk is sneaky), and then I realized why I felt that way.

Before kids, in corporate America, achievement was easy for me. I was a very productive member of my organization. I got things done (big or small). I was good at what I did, and I had something to show for it.

Now, achievement is slower…at least on the Awarify front. I’m a team of one, wearing all the hats. And honestly, coaching isn’t something people hear about once and jump on right away. Time is key.

Personally, the day-to-day stuff with the kids doesn’t always feel like an achievement because we’re in a routine. And while I love my kids, my role as their mom has never been about achievement/achieving for me. It’s what I do because I chose to have them. It’s my responsibility.

After realizing that I’m living according to outdated definitions of things like achievement, productivity, and success, I’m redefining those things for myself. I’m also now thinking about how getting through another day of motherhood is an achievement if your kids go to bed fed, warm, and loved. Not everyone can say that these days.

Reframing our thoughts and redefining certain ideals is key as we transition through different seasons of life.


I’m a hugger by nature. Nothing is more special to me than a really good hug.

I hug everyone, especially my kids. But now, as Kaiden gets older, and his attitude starts changing (in good ways and some frustrating ones), I’m trying to be more intentional about my hugs with him. I make sure I’m not just hugging and letting go, and I also give him a kiss on the top of his head and tell him how much I love him. This isn’t an every five minutes thing, but rather, when he wakes up, when I pick him up at the bus stop, and right before bed.

I have no idea if this is going to change anything or make a huge difference now, but I hope when he gets older, he remembers my hugs and the power and intention behind them.


I heard this idea on a podcast the other day and thought it was a pretty brilliant and simple strategy to actually use our phones less at important times (re: when we’re around other people).

Here it is – make it a life standard to put ‘living things first.’ Or said differently ‘people/animals before technology.’

I’ve been saying this to myself when I find myself reaching for my phone (for no reason), and it’s helping!

Friday Links

The Basics of Fitness: A Program for Everyone – Love this post and the approach it outlines

We Make Fitness Too Complex and That is Dumb – “It’s time to go back to basics. For nutrition, the writer Michael Pollan famously offered the advice: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” For fitness, I’d like to add: move your body often, sometimes hard, every bit counts.”

Why Do Smart People Believe Dumb Things? A Trek Into Bro Science, Diets, Vitamin Cocktails, and Other Fads – If you have some time, this is a fascinating read.

How to Distinguish Between Wants and Needs – The questions in this post are helpful and eye opening.

Annnnd that’s all she wrote (if you got to this point, thanks for reading!). Have a great Friday and weekend.

By Parita

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