Q1 was interesting from a health and wellness perspective. It started out strong and then tapered off a bit when we all got sick, which is how life operates so I’m learning to roll with the punches. Perfection is definitely not the goal.

Earlier, I was thinking about how 20 something year old me believed being thin was the goal. She did whatever she could to adhere to that. Forty year old me now thinks, “What good is being thin going to do when I’m 60, 70, and 80. I’m focusing on building strength, flexibility and mobility.”

With that in mind, here’s what the different aspects of my health and wellness journey as of right now.


The foundation of my fitness routine is strength training via the Peloton App. I do three strength sessions a week – upper body, lower body + core, and full body. I try to stick to this as much as possible. Sometimes I add in additional core workouts as time permits.

The next layer is walking. I aim for 8-10k steps a day. This is where our amazing walking pad comes in. I tag on a short, brisk walk to the end of every strength/cycling workout. And there are days where walking on the walking pad is my workout.

The next component is cycling. I do 1-2 30 minute classes a week. Something challenging but not crazy.

I also try my best to make movement a part of my every day life. I stand when I can, I fidget when I can, I move around when I can.

And finally, I try my very best to stretch every single day. Sometimes it’s a Peloton stretch, and sometimes it’s just me doing my favorite stretches while playing with the kids or watching TV. This is a must for optimal fitness in my opinion.


Food and nutrition has been quite the journey for me over the years. Let’s just say there have been lots of ups and downs.

As of right now, my biggest focus is getting enough protein (I am for 90-100 grams a day), eating lots of vegetables, and incorporating healthy fats.

I don’t track anything per se, but I now have a good idea of how much protein is in the stuff I eat (I’m a creature of habit when it comes to my meals), and if I’m really curious about the numbers, I’ll do a rough estimate of my calorie intake. But nothing else.

In terms of what I eat, here’s a basic breakdown:

Breakfast – Protein shake + iced coffee
Lunch – 1 egg plus egg white scramble with 3-4 veggies (whatever I have) + feta + hot sauce (+ sometimes 1/2 avocado) and Greek yogurt with berries or my cottage cheese mocha mousse
Snack – if we have it, I’ll have a piece of dark chocolate in the afternoon
Dinner – whatever the rest of the family is eating
*+ lots of water

Of course, this is not what every single day looks like. It varies if I’m eating out or if I’m not at home. Also, I am not shy about eating PB right out of the jar! But 80% of the time, this is what my meals look like.

Another reason why I started eating more like this is because I want to see if my A1c number goes down later this year at my next PCP appointment. Both sides of my family have history of type 2 diabetes, and the number at my last visit was on the higher side.

I’m focusing a lot more on veggies and fiber and the order in which I eat things because I want that number to go down!

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

After reading Glucose Revolution, I added in 1-2 tablespoons of ACV into my daily routine.

I put one tablespoon of ACV into a big glass of (usually sparkling) water and drink before or right after lunch and/or dinner.

It’s hard to know what difference it’s making exactly, but my gut health is great (ACV is a probiotic), and I feel like I crave sugar much less than I ever have before.

We’ll see if this has any impact on my blood sugars…

Supplements + Immune Support

I’m not going to go into the why’s for why I take these because supplementation is so specific to the person, but here’s what my lineup looks like.

  • Multivitamin
  • Vitamin D
  • Magnesium
  • Allertec (for my allergies)
  • Elderberry gummies
  • Beekeeper’s Propolis Immune Support Spray


Like I said before, my mindset completely shifted in my late 30s into my now 40s. I went from wanting to be thin to wanting to be strong and healthy.

I also don’t think of any foods as good and bad. There are foods that are better for you than others, but if I want to enjoy a cookie or a cup of ice cream with my family, I’m going to have the dessert.

I now understand that every meal isn’t going to be a gold star meal, but as long as I’m making intentional choices the majority of the time, I’m moving in the right direction.

Make It Personal

Remember, this is my health and wellness journey in the system I operate in. None of this information should be considered medical advice. Please consult your doctor before making any changes or trying anything new.

And once you’ve gathered all of YOUR data, make sure you make choices that reflect YOUR goals, YOUR values, and what YOU want. Not some IG influencer. Make changes reflective of who you want to be.

If you got this far, thanks for reading. I could talk about this stuff all day long. I hope you found some piece of this post helpful. Leave a comment if you have any questions, ideas, etc.

By Parita

4 thoughts on “Q1 2024 Health and Wellness Updates”
  1. Love all of this! Such a good mind shift and so much better for the future. Nothing wrong with wanting to be thin, but the strength and flexibility is so key for longevity! Love it and love you!!

  2. love this post!
    also is there a way i can subscribe to your posts via email? i have been a reader for years but somehow the last few months i dont get them 🙁

    1. Thank you for reading, Rina! Truly appreciate it.

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I think when I changed the theme, the subscription element disappeared. Let me look into it!

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