Happy Friday, y’all! We made it.

This week was a bit all over the place. Kaiden had a late start day on Tuesday and a day off on Wednesday for Eid. I probably didn’t as much done work wise as I planned, but we did have more relaxed mornings, a fun mommy-daddy-Kaiden lunch date, and Mila’s first swim class. Woo!

This weekend is a lot fuller than I’d like, but it’s all good. Kaiden’s school musical is this afternoon, where he has a speaking part! He’s playing Itsy (of Itsy Bitsy Spider fame!). I can’t wait to see him shine! After that, I’m taking him out for ice cream. We also have two soccer games this weekend, Kumon (we’re starting again!), our religious class, and my sister and BIL’s new house pooja (a prayer/blessing event).

Getting my game face on!

Friday Thoughts

No real thought from me today, except that I hope each and every one of you gives your self grace and space this weekend. Remember, perfection is never the goal, but reminding yourself that you’re a human being is. Tell yourself you can do hard things. Try to bring your favorite version of yourself to every situation. And please please please rest and recoup when you can.

That’s it! Now on to links!

Friday Links

The Curiosity Matrix: 9 Habits of Curious Minds – this list!

Shannen Doherty, who has stage 4 cancer, says she’s selling her belongings to fund more quality time with her mom – A really powerful read about what matters most when the end is near.

How to Live Well – Working on all of these in some way shape or form.

Why I Swear by ‘My Year of No’ – While I don’t want to subscribe to a whole year of saying no, I do believe in the power of boundaries and knowing what your most important yeses are.

The Best Advice I’ve Heard in Ages – Definitely read this one, but the crux of the advice is compassion. Something we can all use a little more of!

Anddd that’s all she wrote! Have a wonderful Friday and weekend.

By Parita

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