Hello and happy Monday! I’m currently working from a coffee shop and really loving the change in scenery. I know it’s not rocket science, but changing things up every now and then really does wonders for your mood and energy. I’m definitely going to do this more often.

Not a relevant pic for this post really but a beautiful one from my Sunday morning hike!

Potty Training Adventures

How was your weekend? Ours was good…we basically stayed home all weekend (minus a haircut for K, a hike for me, and bike riding for V + K) because…potty training.

Speaking of…

It went ok. We had lots of accidents, along with a few victories. I’ll take it! The good thing is Mila knows when she needs to go and can tell us. The issue is that she’s not always on time. Ha! She’ll get there sooner than later…I feel it.

Vishnu put her down for a nap yesterday and overheard her having a convo with herself. “I need to go poo poo. No, you need to go poo poo. I need to go pee pee. No, you need to go pee pee.” She’s hilarious!

We did bribe/motivate her with M&Ms…didn’t work as well as it did with Kaiden.

Side note – it’s so interesting to see differences in my kids. For example, K is very motivated by external things (re: TV time). Mila, on the other hand, seems to be more internally driven to do things. While I think the M&Ms helped, we could’ve done without them and nothing would’ve changed.

Hopefully we’ll conquer this over the next few months!

Ideal Power Down Routine

I first read about an ideal power down routine in Sahil Bloom’s newsletter (highly recommend subscribing), and while the idea is not a revolutionary one, it got me thinking!

My current power down routine (which actually starts sooner than you think) isn’t very ideal. But after mapping out the current state and what would work best for me, I have a few ideas on where I can tweak.

Let’s look at ideal state first…

3:00 – Shut down computer and turn phone to gray scale
7:00 – Check email for any to dos for the next day + brush/floss/skincare
8:00 – Tie up Awarify loose ends
8:30 – Shut down all technology for the day and relax with Vishnu
9:00 – Read in bed
9:30 – Lights out!

Now for the current state…

3:00 – 7:00 – Computer is put away; phone checking is intermittent; phone is sometimes in gray scale
8:00 – Tie up Awarify loose ends if needed
8:00-9:15 – Hang out with Vishnu, watch TV, scroll social media
9:15 – Head upstairs and brush/floss/skincare if I didn’t do it earlier
9:25 – Read in bed
9:45 – Lights out

Not dramatically different I suppose, but there are definitely areas of improvement.

I want to get brush/floss/skincare done well before bedtime, ideally when K is showering; I want to be better about phone use between 3-7 (re: less intermittent checking, moving to more intentional use – why am I picking up my phone right now?); I want to shutdown all technology at 8:30 and not pick it up again until the next day (why is this so hard?!); I want to be in bed reading by 9:15 at the latest.

Ok, now that I’ve typed all this out, I’m excited to (try and) make these changes.

Hope you have a great week!

By Parita

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