Happy Friday! I hope y’all had a good week.

It’s been an interesting one for us. I’ll leave it at that and just say that I can’t wait until warmer weather is a bit more consistent around here. Hopefully that does something to keep all the sickness away!

This weekend is a fairly packed one. We’ve got movie night with K, grandparents visiting, soccer, Dune 2 for me and Vishnu, our religious class, and a Holi event. Phew!

Ok, on to this week’s Friday Stuff. I have a few links and things to share, but I also wanted to talk about things I’ve been thinking about lately. Let me know if any of this resonates!

Life Lessons

I truly believe with all my heart that every person we come into contact with has a lesson to teach us. As we get older, the lessons get deeper and more life changing. And yes, this even includes the people that annoy/frustrate us.

One more note, a lot of the time (if not most of the time) the timing of people coming, going, and staying and the lessons they bring is divine.

Kids + Expectations

Parenting little kids is a constant exercise in letting go of any and all expectations. And by this I don’t mean all expectations. But the ones that are more you/ego driven need to be tempered down.

Something I heard Dr. Becky say once really resonated. She talked about expectations and how to better set yourself up with your kids. For example, before picking your kids up from school, saying to yourself, “Ok, I’m going to pick up X and Y. They may have a meltdown (name the behavior you can expect to see) at some point. That is ok. I am a sturdy leader. It’s not an emergency. I can handle it.”

Sounds so cheesy, but it works, y’all! Not every time because we all have a breaking point. But the idea of prepping yourself for challenge is so important and powerful.

Bottling Them Up

As chaotic and stressful and busy as this season of life is with kids, there are SO many moments I want to bottle up and save. Mila’s voice. Kaiden talking to Mila trying to teach her a lesson. The dance parties. When they’re both sitting next to me calmly as we read a book. When they actually eat dinner without complaining. The look of pride on their faces when they conquer a challenge. Their hugs and kisses. Their laughs. ALL OF IT AND SO MUCH MORE!


I had a really good conversation with a coachee last week about confidence. She shared that one of the reasons she stopped moving forward with a goal of hers was because she lacked confidence. I totally got what she was saying. And that feeling is totally normal.

However, I wanted her to think of confidence a little differently. I told her to think of confidence as something she earns as she starts to take small actions towards her goals, intentions, vision, dreams. It’s not a prerequisite for starting the journey. Confidence is something you gain along the way.


I’m starting to feel more and more like communication is a lost art.

What I mean by this is – we have a disagreement with someone about something, there’s a gap between us…the lack of communication widens the gap and then boom…we lose an important relationship. Why? Because we couldn’t talk to each other. Seems so silly when put that way, right?

And by communication, I mean expressing what we’re feeling in a kind, open, honest, timely way. People just have such a hard time doing this and it boggles my mind. So much pain and hurt could be avoided if we just talked to each other.

I could go on about this forever, but I’ll leave you with this – if something is on your mind and on your heart…address it. Don’t lose friends and important relationships just because you chose to bottle it up. Give people a chance to learn and grow with you!

Links I Loved This Week

The Zen of Weightlifting – Can be applied to so many facets of life.

Don’t Rush the Lift – “If you can learn not to rush the lift—to be patient, create a foundation of stability, and stay with it—even if what you are up against feels heavy and scary, you give yourself the best chance at a good outcome.”

9 Ways to Apply Minimalism to Your Social Media Habits (and Reclaim Your Time) – Something I think all of us could benefit from.

Have a great weekend!

By Parita

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