Over a week ago, we drove up to Sevierville, TN for a family cabin trip.

The siblings in the group planned out the where and when a while back, and then I went on VRBO and found us a place to stay. When it got closer to time, we coordinated food/meals and who was bringing what.

Honestly, it was an easy trip to organize and plan for, and the payoff, in terms of how much everyone enjoyed it, was great!

*For a little bit of context, there were 12 adults and 3 kids/toddlers.

Where we stayed

We stayed in Sevierville, TN in the Great Smokey Mountains. I picked this location because it was close to the park and other great hikes, which is mostly what we wanted to do activity wise.

The house we stayed in had plenty of room for everyone, including a game floor with an air hockey and pool table and an old school arcade game. The dining area included two tables for everyone to sit and eat. I do, however, wish the kitchen was a bit bigger. That was pretty much my only qualm with the house.

*If you want a link to the exact house we stayed at, send me an email or a DM on IG.

What we ate

We planned to eat at the house for all meals. The area we stayed in did have a few restaurants close by, as well as fast food chains further away, but we wanted to maximize our time, and it was easy to accomodate our group this way.

For breakfast, we made protein shakes/chai/coffee + had fruit, toast with butter/PB, bagels, etc.

For lunch, we did quesadillas one day and burgers the next.

And for dinner, we had fish one night, pasta with salad and garlic bread the next, and pizza on night 3.

What we did

We played games – game room + cards!

And we also went on two awesome hikes. I personally loved the Little Greenbrier Trail. It wasn’t super scenic, but it was definitely moderate and less crowded. We also hike the Laurel Falls Trail which was also great. Definitely more crowded though. Parking near the trailhead was a pain.

And that was our 2024 family trip in a nutshell! If you live within driving distance of the area, I highly recommend checking it out for a getaway.

By Parita

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