Happy Friday, y’all!

What a week it’s been! We got home on Tuesday from TN, and everyone’s been super exhausted since, especially K. His bedtime during the trip was all over the place, yet he was still waking up relatively early. The early AM wakeup calls for school this week were rough. I promised him he could sleep in this weekend.

Personally, I had a work win this week that I wasn’t expecting to learn about so soon. Woo!

I also had my first mammogram today. It went a lot better than I had built up in my mind. Not super painful…just uncomfortable. But also quick, so that was nice!

This weekend is kind of busy with 1-2 things happening each day, and Vishnu’s on call (which he’ll take from home).

I’m hoping to resume movie night tonight. It’s still Vishnu’s turn to pick, which I know K won’t be happy about. Ha! Tomorrow, we have a morning soccer game and the South Asian Working Moms garba in the PM. I can’t wait! And on Sunday, the kids and I will head to my parents house for a religious event my mom’s hosting.

Nothing too crazy but full enough to where we’re not just hanging out at home.

Now, on to some Friday stuff…

The Seven Laws of Success – Actively working on #5!

Podcast Episode Recs!

Catherine Price, Redefining Your Relationship with Your Phone (10% Happier with Dan Harris) – Loved this episode (it’s an older one from May 2018). Still relevant and important!

If You Think You’re Bad at Meditation, Dan Harris Says You’re Doing it Right (Good Inside with Dr. Becky) – This is the episode that really kicked off my desire to bring meditation into my life!

Secrets To Optimal Health: An MD’s Exact Plan For Inflammation, Supplements, Exercise, & Knowing What ACTUALLY Works (The Liz Moody Podcast) – A treasure trove of great information!

Do You Have the Right Tools to Save Yourself? (Save Yourself with Dr. Amy Shah) – Love this new podcast and the quick episodes (that are still packed with great info). I’ve been regularly taking my magnesium supplement every night after listening to this one.

Annddd…that’s all she wrote, read, and listened to!

Have a great weekend!

By Parita

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