Y’all! This is the first normal (re: non-sick) week we’ve had a in a long time. And I AM HERE FOR IT!

I’m going to share some of the immunity boosting things I’ve been doing for me and the kids in a separate post, but for now, I’m just enjoying the normalcy of our days.

Ok, so today I wanted talk about two things – 1. my propensity towards rushing around and 2. Instagram and why I’m working really hard to distance myself from it a bit.

Let’s start with rushing around…

I’m someone who moves fast, talks fast, eats fast, thinks fast…you get it. I’m currently reading a book called The Practice of Groundedness, and in it the author references something about how no one wants their tombstone to read – “She rushed.” That one part of the book hit me hard. Because to be honest, most of the people closest to me would say that I rush around regularly.

The book got me thinking about why I rush around. Without going into too much detail, I think part of it is an ingrained trait from childhood that I was often praised for (Parita is so efficient and productive). That then turned into my identity.

Another part of it is that I lack patience. I want everything done yesterday.

Over time, I’m learning that rushing to get through one task to only rush to get to the next is doing nothing for my pursuit of calm and peace and joy and ease. In fact, it’s taking away from all of that.

I don’t have any big solutions yet, but one thing I’m working on adding into my routine is meditation. Nothing crazy…just three minutes a day for now and outside if possible.

Being more mindful definitely plays into all the things I want for myself, so doing what I can to be mindful person.

One small step at a time, right?!

Now as far as Instagram goes, I do feel like the nature of the app (and all apps and the internet in general) doesn’t help anyone to be more mindful. And I absolutely hate how addicted I’ve been to it. I’m someone who believes boredom is a good thing. Solitude is necessary. But if you saw my screen time report, you’d think otherwise.

Anyways, no major a-ha moments here either. Just aware that I want and need to decrease my dependency on my phone (starting with <45 minutes/day on IG…yesterday I was at 26!!!). I keep reminding myself it’s a nice to have…not a must have.

This isn’t a big announcement about me leaving social media. I’ll still be around. But I want to be more mindful of what I share and how I share it. There is so much noise out there, and I want to be sure that what I put out adds value, makes people think, and brings joy in some way. I am also going to share less about the kids and the day-to-day aspects of life. Some things/people are just too sacred and special – my family is definitely that for me.

Not sure why, but I’ve been craving simplicity recently. And I think working on these two things will definitely help.

What have you been thinking about lately?

By Parita

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