The Kuttappans started this week with a pep in their steps. What a turnaround!

I am SO beyond thankful that we’re all relatively healthy again (minus the side effects of the flu).

If I’m being honest, I had a couple of down moments last week. I just felt so overwhelmed at times, and I was worried about Mila catching whatever we had (prob not something to worry about…we now think she was patient 0!). This is totally normal and probably expected, but I didn’t love feeling down when in the grand scheme of things we are lucky people.

I used the power of perspective to help find my way out of the rabbit holes I visited. Something I said to myself was, “Things could be a lot worse.” Definitely helped!

Now, let’s put last week behind us!

It’s a new week, baby! Spring Break week (and a half)!

Because Kaiden had a terrible week last week, I’m determined to make this a good one. I have a few fun plans up my sleeve – ice cream, park, breakfast date, Chick-fil-a, and maybe the balloon museum.

We visited the aquarium today and had a blast. If you ever find yourself at the Georgia Aquarium, definitely secure a time for the sea lion show. So fun!

Things I’m doing/starting for my wellbeing this week…

  • Slowly getting back into my early AM workouts. Not going gung ho just yet, but man does it feel good to move again!
  • Nightly reading
  • Daily stretching – 10 min minimum
  • Blogging (I’m here now!)
  • Meditating – starting with 5 minutes in the PM and will take it from there
  • Taking care of my gut (I’ve been on 3 different antibiotics in the past month…I’m ok so far but feel like my gut is about to hate me!)

Hope you had a healthy start to your week!

By Parita

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