It’s been A WEEK!

Kaiden is (I think) recovered from the fever part of the flu, but he still has a cough and congestion. I, on the other hand, still seem to be in the thick of it. Hopefully by Saturday, we are on the up and up.

As expected, we don’t have any major plans this weekend, except to rest as much as possible. We may hang out with friends on Sunday night if everyone is healthy…we shall see!

Not much else to report around here, except next week is Spring Break for K. I have some fun plans – ice cream date, library time, aquarium, breakfast date, etc.

With that, let’s get on to some Friday Stuff…

The Funniest, Simplest Game to Play Before Dinner – This sounds like the most fun game ever!

8 ways to feel less anxious – Love #8.

It’s Better to Drive an Old Car than Be Burdened By New Debt – The idea of living under your means is definitely intriguing me more and more. A little hard when have kids (those activity fees add up!), but it’s going to be a focus of mine going forward.

There’s No Love Like the Love Your Kids Have For You When They Are Small – I shared this one on the blog a while back. So beautiful!

Do you have a phone addiction? – It’s time to put the phone to bed!

Rest If You Must, But Don’t Quit – Loved this one. Rest is important, but it’s not equivalent to the stop button. More so the pause button.

The Value of Holding Yourself Back – An important read and story on the power of slowing down.

The State of Culture, 2024 – If you only read one article today, make it this one.

The Problem with Grades – This was an interesting piece and framed in a way I had never thought about.

And that’s all I have! I hope you have a good Friday and great weekend.

By Parita

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