WR = weekend recap

*Excuse any and all typos. I’m operating on little sleep and am too lazy to read this over before posting!


Per our weekly tradition, Friday night was movie night. Kaiden and I have granted him three weekends in a row to choose the movie we watch because we left him out in the beginning. Ha!

He did not choose Moana like I asked him to (rebel!). He picked the 1995 movie The Big Green. I was unsure how Kaiden would react to another 90s movie with ‘a lot of talking,’ but he seemed to really enjoy this one! Phew!

They really don’t make movies like this anymore – small town, sports, underdog team…I miss the 90s!


Saturday morning and early afternoon were very very chill. We just hung out around the house and did random things – read, played, folded laundry (just me!), etc.

After Mila woke up from her nap, we headed to Stone Mountain to meet up with friends for the Lunar New Year Festival.

We immediately got dinner and then the kids wanted ice cream. I joked that we came for a food tour of Stone Mountain. Ha!

But once everyone was full and satisfied, we did a few really cool things. We watched a traditional dance performance that reminded me of the Indian culture in so many ways. Kaiden and I even joined when they asked for volunteer dancers! We also went to a 4D movie, which was way more fun than I expected. And then we watched the parade.

All in all, it was a great evening!


Sunday morning started with our religious class. I then took Mila with me to Trader Joe’s to get some groceries. Kaiden said he didn’t feel too good, and he had a slight fever at 100.7.

We kept it pretty low-key the rest of the day. Kaiden’s temp spiked to 102.5 around 4, which definitely had me worried.

We hosted family dinner, and everyone came over around 5. We ordered in Indian Food from Rasoi Kitchen. I also baked some TJs veggie samosas for apps. And my BIL brought mini vegan cheesecakes with fresh strawberry glaze. A very delicious meal all around!

Kaiden seemed to be doing ok, but he definitely hit a wall around 8 pm. I put him to bed and said a prayer!

This Morning

At around 1 pm, I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was K. I told him to get in bed with me. We slept for a couple of hours until he woke up again super hot. I then took him to his room, gave him medicine and slept with him. I was so worried. I couldn’t sleep because I wanted to make sure he was…well, alive! He was burning up.

We took his temp in the morning and it was 104.5. Vishnu said to put cold compresses all over his body, so we did that. With the help of some medicine, he felt better.

I think he has the flu. I’m taking him to the doctor in an hour to get tested for everything.

Hoping he’s back to his normal, active, goofy self soon!

Hope y’all have a good Monday.

By Parita

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