It’s Friday, y’all! This week flew by. I think it’s because Monday was a holiday. And what a week it’s been.

We don’t have too busy of a weekend. Just one big thing each day.

Friday = movie night. And I think we’ll be watching Moana. It’s Vishnu’s turn to pick. Hoping a drama-free night with K if Vishnu decides on something else. Ha!

Saturday = Stone Mountain with friends!

Sunday = Family dinner. We’re ordering in Indian food, and my BIL is making vegan cheesecake with a strawberry glaze. Woo!

With that let’s move to Friday Stuff…

Think What You Could Accomplish if You Devoted Your Whole Self – Loved this post and the story within.

The Joys of Getting Organized – Loved this post. As someone who loves organizing, I still have a few areas I need to work on, mainly the files on my computer!

Internet Brain is a Real Thing – Boy is it ever!

Podcast episodes I highly recommend

Harvard’s Dr. Ellen Langer On The Mind-Body Connection, The Power of Mindfulness, & Why Age Is Nothing But a Mindset (Rich Roll Podcast)

Arthur Brooks: Cracking The Code To Happiness (Rich Roll Podcast)

How Amanda Finally Calmed Her Brain & Her Letter from Love with Liz Gilbert (We Can Do Hard Things)

Why So Many Young People Are Getting Cancer + What You Can Do TODAY To Protect Yourself with Dr. Sanjay Juneja (The Liz Moody Podcast)

And that’s all she wrote! Have a wonderful weekend.

By Parita

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