I listened to a Daily Dad podcast episode yesterday that talked about how it’s hard being a kid and on top of that, for many reasons, it’s hard being a kid to your own parents. Of course, we love our kids and only want what’s best for them, but that doesn’t translate to easy.

The episode got me thinking about why it could be hard being my kids from K + M’s perspectives. Here’s what I came up with…

  • I’m still working on my patience.
  • I’m working on my frustration tolerance.
  • I have high (not always realistic) expectations of them.
  • I don’t just give in (this is good thing but I can see why it’s hard from a kid perspective).
  • I make them eat what we eat (see above).
  • I don’t give up control easily.
  • I love a good routine and try very hard to stick to said routine, especially bedtime.
  • TV time is earned (for the most part) in our house.

On the flip side, I do think I do some things that make it fun/comforting to be my kid (or so I hope!)…

  • I acknowledge their feelings.
  • I ask lots of questions about what they think and feel because I genuinely want to know.
  • I openly share about my feelings and what’s going on in my life (in a kid appropriate way).
  • I let them pick the music when they’re in the car with me.
  • I tell/show them I love them every chance I get.
  • I ask them to tell me when they think I’m wrong so we can have a conversation about it.
  • I dance and sing with them (and sometimes without them!).
  • I get on the floor and play with them.
  • I show my love for Vishnu in front of them (and vice versa).

I’m sure I could add more to both of these lists. The point isn’t to use these as evidence that you’re a good or bad parent. The point is to acknowledge that from your kid’s perspective being your kid is hard sometimes and to also acknowledge that you do things to bring them true comfort, love and fun into their lives.

It’s all about perspective.

By Parita

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