WR = weekend recap


Movie night! It was K’s turn to pick, and he went with Super Mario Brothers. Y’all, I am notorious for falling asleep during late night movies, but even I stayed up for this one. It was so good, so nostalgic, so fun! Highly recommend!


We started our day with a birthday party at a place called Main Event, a bowling alley/arcade/some more stuff. Our kids love this place, especially the arcade. They had a blast.

After we got home, my in-laws (the whole gang!) came over the hang out. My BIL and SIL stayed for dinner – Thai takeout! Super fun evening with some of our favs!


Sunday started with our morning religious class. Such a good lesson about friendship through a story about Krishna and Sudama.

Vishnu and I managed to squeeze in separate workouts.

After lunch, K and I headed to an Indian heritage class, where I taughty about Mahatma Gandhi and the Nobel Peace Prize. For part of my session, I asked the kids to draw a picture/write a letter to the person in their life who deserves a NPP. Taylor Swift was picked more than I thought she would be!

When we got home, my sister, niece and parents were already here. We had dinner together and got in some quality time with more of our favs!

And of course, our weekend ended with the Super Bowl!

Coming up this week

Galentine’s with my fav gals!

Kaiden starts soccer! But practices are on Tuesdays from 6-7. Blah!

School conference for K!

Lots of coaching calls/meetings.

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