Hello hello and happy Friday!

I can honestly say I’m super excited about this weekend. I know things can/will change, but it’s looking very relaxing and balanced. Woo!

But first let’s review the week…

Aside from Mila being a little sick over the weekend and into Monday, this was a good week.

The biggest win for me was cultivating calm energy when K+M were not. It helped that Vishnu was around more than usual (he worked from home a lot this week). As a result of trying my very best to stay calm in my kids’ storms, we had a small win yesterday. In a situation where normally K would meltdown, get upset, and let that bleed into his entire evening routine, he didn’t whine or cry. He did show other behaviors we didn’t love, but he didn’t resort to the things he usually does. BIG WIN FOR US!

Other than that, things were pretty normal around here. I’ll take it!

As for the upcoming weekend, we have movie night tonight. It’s K’s turn to pick, and he chose Super Mario Brothers. Tomorrow we have a birthday party in the AM, and then my BIL/SIL are going to come over for a bit. On Sunday, we have another virtual Sunday school class. And then in the PM, K and I are going to attend a cultural class that’s part of another organization. I’m also volunteering at this class and teaching about Mahatma Gandhi and the Nobel Peace Prize. My sister and parents may also come over on Sunday.

Now that’s typed it all out, we do have a lot going on. But it feels like a good blend!

Let’s move on to some Friday Stuff…

A Healthy List of Places to Find Motivation in Life Other Than Physical Possessions – Love this list. All things I’m trying hard to instill in my kids, especially making a positive difference for others.

10 Ways Minimalism Will Change Your Life – I’m really loving the idea behind minimalism recently (and this blog in particular). Something I heard recently (paraphrasing) that really stuck with me is that the more stuff we have the more stuff we have to manage, take care of, and maintain. Remove the clutter from you life and attain freedom. SO POWERFUL!

Slow Down to Fall in Love Again – Just what I needed to read this week!

This Poem Made Me Gasp – ME TOO!

As a psychiatrist, I’ve seen how chasing happiness leads to misery – A really powerful read on the illusion of happiness.

What It Means to “Own Your Seat” – Something more people need to do.

The Zen of Weight Lifting – So many parallels too life too!

Annddddd that’s all she wrote – have a great weekend!

By Parita

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