I was talking to my mom over the weekend, and she said, “You know, I’ve been thinking about how every time the grandparents, either us or Vishnu’s parents, come to you house, you guys leave to go somewhere. I wonder what the kids think and feel about that. We should really try to hang out as a family more.”

This hit me hard! I never thought of it this way, but she’s right. It’s started to become very transactional with the grandparents. And I know it impacts my kids. They do so much better when we ALL stay!

I had the idea to start a Sunday family dinner tradition for a while now, but I just never got around to messaging everyone and actually starting.

So over the weekend, I took my mom’s words to heart and messaged our family. I shared my idea – last Sunday of every month would be reserved for Sunday family dinner, and if you can’t make it, that’s ok (this is not mandatory). Everyone loved it!

We’re planning to rotate hosts (we all live within an hour or so from each other), and the hosts get to choose what they serve (re: you can order in). The priority is not the food but the time spent together.

I’m the most excited for my kids and my niece. I hope these dinners end up being a big core memory for them!

You’d think that because my family and Vishnu’s family all live in the Atlanta area, we’d see each other all the time. And sadly, that’s just not the case. We see each other often ish, but it’s not always quality time together as a unit. That’s what I want to create with these regular monthly dinners.

Core memories, here we come!

What regular traditions do you have with your family?

By Parita

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