Happy Friday! I hope y’all had a good week and have a relaxing weekend coming up.

Our week was good. Pretty normal!

A few fun updates:

  • Mila now says “Let me tell you something” and then whispers in your ear to tell you the thing. So so cute!
  • Kaiden finally has a loose tooth! He’s been a little down about everyone else losing multiple teeth, so I’m glad he’s finally going to join the club soon. To be honest, I was a little worried because the Kuttappan side of the family has weird teeth issues.
  • I’m working with a new client starting today, and I’m so excited. I love all things about coaching, but the beginning is the most fun and exciting.

This weekend is mostly low key, so I’m happy about that. Vishnu is headed to a Hawks game after work today. I’m taking the kids to get their hair cut after school (Kaiden REALLY needs it!), and then we’re going to Chick-Fil-A for dinner, and then it’s movie night for me and K. It’s my turn to pick, so we’re going to watch the first Mighty Ducks!

On Saturday, our BFFs are coming over to hang out in the morning. Kaiden has a basketball game in the afternoon. And then to round out the day, we have a birthday party a little later. Phew!

Sunday will be the chillest of all. We just have our Sunday school class in the morning, and then we’re home the rest of the day.

With that, let’s move on to some Friday stuff…

Thinking Your Own Thoughts in an Algorithmic Age of Mass Distraction – This was such a good read. We really need to be better about using our own inner compass when it comes to digesting external news/opinion/thoughts.

Whew! A Parenting Goal for Teenage Years – The comments section is GOLD!

How Writing a Personal Contract Improved My Life (and Tips for Creating Your Own) – Working on this right now!

The experts: personal trainers on 20 fabulous ways to get fighting fit for free – Great ideas for everyone.

That’s all I’ve got today! Hope you have a good Friday and weekend ahead.

By Parita

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