Hello hello! Exactly a week ago, I was soaking in the sun in warm Mexico! And while I truly loved our trip, I love being home with my babies even more. They make life a lot more chaotic, fun, and full!

This weekend feels like it’s going to be a busier one. Vishnu and I have a progressive neighborhood dinner on Friday night, which should be lots of fun. And then on Saturday, I’m taking the kids to a belated Secret Santa/White Elephant party. Later that evening, we are going to a charity gala. Sunday does look like it’ll be a bit quieter (as of right now). Vishnu’s also on call from 7-4 this weekend, and my parents will also be at our house to help me out a little. Fun times!

Let’s move on to this week’s Friday Stuff…lots of interesting articles!

Appreciate What Happens, as a Rule – “Appreciating an experience is fulfilling and life-affirming even if it isn’t the most preferable experience.”

Any activity is better for your heart than sitting — even sleeping – Something I do is focus on movement throughout the day…not exercise…but movement. And it all counts – fidgeting, getting up to use the restroom, putting dishes in the dishwasher, etc. Just move as much as possible in all kinds of ways.

You don’t need everything you want – “It all feeds into the hedonic treadmill, where we’re constantly chasing down the next dopamine hit but ultimately return to our baseline level of happiness, whatever happens. The pursuit of constant pleasure or fulfillment is enticing, but it’s also not wise — eventually, that Big New Thing just doesn’t have the same kick.”

How to Stop Shopping Impulsively in 2024: 24 Frugal Tips! – My tip would be to stop following all the fashion influencers. Have a couple of favs and unfollow the rest!

Cultivating Stokedness

The Key to a Strong Identity: Diversify Your Sense of Self – Love the analogy of the house!

You Need Rituals and Routines Now More Than Ever – “The two major areas where routine and ritual are most helpful are marking the passage of time and marking transitions between activities. In both cases, routine and ritual imbue with depth, meaning, and concreteness what otherwise might become shallow, trivial, and blurry.”

How to Raise Kids in a Consumerist World – Focused on #4, 6, and 10 right now!

Have a good Friday and weekend!

By Parita

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