It’s Friday! It’s been quite a week on the kids and work front. Lots of ups and downs. But we made it!

This weekend is turning out to be more packed than I originally expected. We have a chill Friday. But then things pick up on Saturday. Kaiden and I will be attending a volunteer event. Then we have his basketball game. And then a possible kite festival with friends. Sunday is a little slower. I’m going on an early morning hike with a friend, and then K has a makeup swim class. And then finally, on Monday, we’re taking Kaiden to a Hawks game with friends. Should be a great time!

On to this week’s Friday stuff…

20 inspiring messages to take into the new year. Something we can all use more of all year long!

Do This Every Morning: How to Feel Energized, Focused, and in Control – This Mel Robbins podcast episode was refreshing. A must listen!

The Productivity Expert: How to Make 2024 Your Most Productive & ABUNDANT Year Yet – This was also a great episode about how to be more productive in a way that means something to you. Very inpsiring.

I started asking K this question after school every day this week and am loving his response and enthusiasm. He always asks me back, and I’m always very honest with him…so we have a good discussion to follow-up.

Self-care for parents. An important read.

In other news…

Vishnu and I are heading out of town soon for a kid-free vacay! It’s been so long since we’ve gone far away for more than a weekend. The tricky (and fun!) thing is that this is my 40th birthday trip, and Vishnu decided to make it a surprise for me. I know nothing except where we’re going. I keep asking him what I need to pack, and his pauses before responding make me feel like I’m going to be missing important things when we get there! HA!

I hope y’all have a good Friday and weekend ahead. Sending lots of love!

By Parita

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