The first Friday after the new year is here! The year is already starting to rev up.

This was a good week overall. My favorite day was when my sister and I took the kiddos to the aquarium. So fun seeing each of their personalities shine through.

Yesterday was my January 1, and it was a busy one. I had an in person meeting from 7-9 and then a call from 10:30-11 and then another meeting from 11:30-1. The last meeting was one where I was presenting and sharing a short session on goal planning. All went well…phew!

This coming weekend is kind of a busy one. Hoping to watch a movie with K on Friday night. And then on Saturday, I have our first ever South Asian Working Moms Summit all day and then a 40th birthday party that evening. On Sunday, we have our culture/religious class and then hopefully chillllll!


Ok, on to this week’s Friday Stuff

Our walking pad was very popular on IG this week. It’s affordable, portable, and hasn’t given us any issues so far. Highly recommend it!

The party I’m going to on Saturday calls for ‘winter chic’ attire. I got this and hope it works! Also, I need to be better about buying more quality pieces for evening stuff. I’m fine with Target/Walmart/Costco/Amazon for daytime wear, especially the stuff I wear with the kids around. But definitely want to level up the other stuff.

How to be happy with less: A minimalist holiday manifesto – I know the holidays are behind us but this stil applies!

This Diary of a CEO episode on menopause was fantastic. SO much great information.

I know how hard it is for some of you to say no. This article gives 3 easy tips for how to do so respectfully.

Love lists like this!

Also this list! Something I need to start incorporating ASAP!

If you’re looking to incorporate more habits into your routine, I’ve got just the post for you.

With that, I hope you have a good/restful weekend!

By Parita

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