Our winter break was so fun in so many ways. BUT I am looking forward to reestablishing our routine.

Looking Back

Looking back on mid-December onwards, I feel like it was a lot of family time, some good 1:1 time with each of the kids, Par and Vishnu time, and even a little friend time.

Out of the four of us, Kaiden probably had the best break. He (and Mila) spent a couple of nights with my parents. We then brought them home and spent Christmas Eve with my sister, BIL and niece. On Christmas Day, we had both mine and Vishnu’s families at our house. That same day, Kaiden went to Vishnu’s brother’s house for a couple of nights where he had the time of his life. We had my friend Jenny and her son Noah over for half a day to hang out. And to top it all off, my sister and I took our kiddos to the Georgia Aquarium this week. Phew!

Mila only had a week and change off from school, but you could tell she had a blast too. She loves staying at my parents’ house and especially loves having people over. She cries so much when people leave or she has to leave them. It’s so sad but also so cute!

Vishnu and I got a few days to catch up on house stuff and get organized for the new year. We were also able to squeeze in a date night over the break which was fun.

Personally, my highlight was seeing how much things have changed from just a couple of months ago in terms of Mila’s clinginess and my ability to get things done around the house. Clinginess = decreased and getting things done with the kids around = increased. I have to give Kaiden credit for this change because he plays well with Mila and ‘watches’ her while I run upstairs or fold laundry in a different room. Mila has also grown quite a bit as of late. She loves playing on her own (and especially with her brother), and she doesn’t want to be held as much (love it and also don’t!). Just feel like I started a new chapter in my parenting journey.

For anyone reading this with really young kids, know that your time is coming too!

Looking Ahead

Annnnd just like that it’s 2024. Wild!

By this time, I usually have my business plan ready to execute, personal and professional goals, intentions, and a word of the year – all ready to go. This year…not so much.

But not because I didn’t have the time. I chose to use the past few weeks in a different way. I chose to focus on cleaning different spaces in our house. I chose to get some quality time in with the kids. I chose to sleep and rest.

And now that we’re a few days into January, I’m slowly starting to think about this year and all the possibilities.

Here’s what I know for sure.

  • We have a lot of travel coming up this year – me + Vishnu, just me, and just Vishnu.
  • I want to be more intentional with how we spend family (just the 4 of us) time.
  • I want to get at least seven hours of sleep a night as often as possible.
  • My fitness routine will continue as is (strength workouts, cycling workouts, daily steps), however I am adding in walking pad walks as often as I can (10-30 minutes is what I’m hoping for).
  • I also plan to use as many of the Glucose Goddess hacks as possible. My next annual physical is in August so will share what happens to my A1c then.
  • My biggest intention of the year is to be a better friend to myself. I’ll share more about this journey as the year goes on, but I’m 100% sure this is what will lead to ultimate peace and joy.
  • Professionally, I have a lot I want to accomplish and will be working through the details of that over the next few weeks. This is not something I want to rush!

Other than that, I truly hope 2024 is full of fun and peace (for everyone), and I hope we start to see and treat each other like fellow humans. Humans who deserve compassion and security and at a bare minimum life’s necessities. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

By Parita

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