I took a Robin Arzon ride on the Peloton over the weekend, and as always, she dropped some wisdom that I’m still thinking about days later.

She talked about her mantras for 2024 and shared that her and her toddler have one that helps them both pause and course correct in any given moment.

‘Let’s try that again.’

Toddler blowing up over something tiny — Let’s try that again.

Older kid getting upset and heading toward a meltdown — Let’s try that again.

You’re losing your cool — Let’s try that again.

While it’s a reminder to pause and change our words, tone, and/or behavior, it’s also a reminder that we can always try again. We hold that power in our hands and are not defined by a brief moment in time. Trying again and again is a privilege.

Like everything I hear that resonates, I like to practice on myself, my kids, and my husband. I’ve been using this phrase with Kaiden quite a bit so far this week, and it has definitely been giving him room to pause and think about what comes next. I’d venture to say that every time I’ve said, “Let’s try that again,” he’s said, “Ok fine. I get it.” I’ll take what I can get, y’all!

I’ve been using it with Mila too, but she’s so 2 that nothing gives her room to pause. Ha! But I’m hoping saying the same thing in a calm tone helps her regulate quicker as she gets older.

This is also the kind of mantra I can see myself using all the time with work, Vishnu, friends, family, MYSELF, etc.

Progress over perfection is something I wholeheartedly believe in and the idea that we can try again goes hand in hand with that.

If you practice this with the people you love (including yourself0, let me know how it goes!

By Parita

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