Y’all! The past few days have been something.


My poor baby girl got Hand Foot Mouth (again). Thankfully, whatever strain this was was a lot milder than what she got in January. She basically had a fever on Wednesday and Thursday, a few small bumps on her hands and feet that disappeared as quickly as they appeared, and a couple of lesions in her mouth. The mouth lesions were the hardest part because they made it hard for her to eat. Every time she put something in her mouth she would cry. And of course, this affected her sleeping too.

We were all a big tired mess until yesterday.

But thankful for my village (my parents, my in-laws, and my sister) who supported us with their physical presence, their virtual presence, food, advice, etc.

I don’t know about you, but I can no longer bounce back like I used to. After four days of holding Mila, waking up in the middle of the night, etc., I was on the struggle bus this morning. I will likely be catching my breath until at least Thursday!

This Week

This week is a blend of Awarify work, meetings/coaching calls, shopping, decluttering the house, and events at Kaiden’s school.

I’m most excited about the stuff at K’s school. We’re decorating gingerbread houses tomorrow, and his class party is on Friday. I’m going to take him to lunch afterwards too…he loves going to restaurants. My only stipulation will be no Chick-Fil-A.

Rest of December

Awarify – I’m excited to do some planning and visioning over the next few weeks. I have some big goals for myself in 2024 that I’m excited to make a reality. Will share more on that later! I’m also excited about some meetings I have set up in January. Fingers crossed!

Kaiden – Kaiden is off starting next Monday through January 4th. I’m taking time off from Awarify during most of that time too, so I’m looking forward to getting some good quality time with him. I also want him to be part of the house projects I have planned. Gotta teach em’ while they’re young!

Mila – Mila will be home between Christmas and NY’s, which will be a lot of fun too. I’m going to look into things both kids would enjoy so we can do some fun stuff during the day.

Vishnu – Vishnu gets the Friday before Christmas and Christmas Day off. And he’s also on call for NY’s this year. Yay… 🙂 #marriedtomedicine

Holiday plans – We’re hosting our families this year. We will be playing White Elephant, eating bhel and samosa chaat, and obviously enjoying some delicious desserts! I CAN’T WAIT!


With everything going on in the world, I can’t but feel sad. So many people’s lives have been turned upside down and continue to day in and day out. It’s so hard for many reasons, but like I’ve always said, we are so damn lucky to be living the lives we are – with a roof over our heads, a warm place to sleep, regular meals and stocked kitchens. It’s just so crazy to me that in 2023, some of us live like we do and there are millions of others who don’t know if they’ll live to see another day.

That said, I have so much gratitude for our relatively small problems, the access and privilege we have, and just all the small things that are actually probably the most important of all.

Living with so much freaking gratitude in my heart…

Lots of love to each of you!

By Parita

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