Our Sunday school lesson this past week revolved around cricket since India was just in the world cup.

Something our teacher shared that stood out to me was the idea of a googly. I’m no cricket expert but a googly is when the bowler throws the ball and it spins this way and that confusing the batter as to where it’s going.

Our teacher talked about how we all have googlys in our lives. The things that throw us off balance. And how despite the unexpected often playing out in our lives, we still have to show up and make situations work for us.

This really struck a cord with me. I personally feel like my days are filled with unexpected moments, especially when my kids are around.

So now, when something unexpected happens, I yell out “GOOGLY!” It not only makes us laugh a little (sometimes!), but I hope (with time) it reminds my kids that we still have to show up, do the work, and make whatever’s happening work for us.

Mila throws her plate of food on the ground = GOOGLY!
Kaiden gets upset over the TV being turned off = GOOGLY!
We’re stuck in traffic on the way to school = GOOGLY!
Kids don’t eat much of a dinner I really though they would enjoy = GOOGLY!

You get the point!

Just saying GOOGLY adds a little humor to a tense situation. Which is always helpful at our house!

Maybe you use googly. Maybe it’s a different word. Regardless, I highly recommend having a word for unexpected moments. It’s a game changer!

By Parita

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