I really try not to look forward to the weekends, and to be honest, it’s easy not to sometimes because they’re often more busy than our weekdays. But I’m truly looking forward to this weekend for multiple reasons.

One, we (as in my gfs and I) have our annual cookie exchange party this Friday. We’re mixing it up a bit by adding appetizers to the mix. I’m bringing The Chutney Life’s Ricotta Herb Dip. Can’t wait.

Two, both the kids are staying with my parents on Friday night, and Mila is staying Saturday as well. This means I will truly get to sleep in a little on Friday (if my body lets me!).

Three, both Vishnu and I want to spend a little bit of quality time with K on Saturday, so after his basketball game, we plan to go out to eat and watch a Christmas movie at home!

I hope your weekend includes at least one thing you’ve been looking forward to!

On to this week’s Friday Stuff…

There’s a new Momsanity episode out this week, and it’s a good one! We’re talking to Lori Oberbroeckling about redefining the terms ‘supermom.’ Lori urges moms to discern what truly fulfills us in our career and motherhood journey and shares practical ways of pruning tasks, outsourcing, and maintaining a balance that brings joy to motherhood. Our discussion centers on empowering mothers to find a fulfilling blend between career and family life. She challenges us to question what we want from life and to be unapologetic about our choices. It’s a good one!

Switching gears a little. If you do not own The Chutney Life Cookbook, I highly recommend you order it today. I’ve been a big fan of Palak’s recipes for years, but the recipes in her book are next level. This week alone I made the Panko Crusted Halibut and the Corn Soup. SO GOOD! Vishnu gave extremely positive reveiws for both, which honestly doesn’t happen with my cooking these days (it’s bland and boring and repetitive (my words, not his!)).

Something I stress to all of my coaching clients – Personal Goals Have to Happen Now

“Our phones aren’t going anywhere, so it’s important to cultivate healthy phone habits.” – 10 Ways To Get Off Your Phone And Into Your Life

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All about our trip to Great Wolf Lodge!

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Adam Grant and Rainn Wilson on meaning and happiness

Marie Forleo and The Glucose Goddess – Jessie Inchauspe

Mel Robbins and Dr. Amy Shah Part 1

Mel Robbins and Dr. Amy Shah Part 2

We Can Do Hard Things – Holiday Stories

With that, happy Friday! Sending lots of love!

By Parita

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