What a week it was! I don’t think a single member of our family has recovered quite yet. But it’s all good because fun was had by all!

Our week started on Saturday when my sister and her family came to stay with us for a night. We went hiking, we got croissants from a local bakery and enjoyed them with eggs, we went to a local park, and we went out to eat in the evening. Love getting this time with them, especially my niece!

Then on Monday we headed out to Great Wolf Lodge and came home on Tuesday. Again, a very short trip filled with a lot of different things but lots of fun!

Then on Wednesday, I dropped Mila off at school (yes, we sent her!) and met up with a friend for coffee. Later in the day, Vishnu, Kaiden, and I went for a long hike. We spent the evening at home goofing around and having fun.

Thursday (Thanksgiving day!) was here before we knew it! After Mila’s nap, we headed to my SIL’s (Vishnu’s brother’s wife) mom’s house. We rode on her dad’s ATVs (Kaiden had the time of his life), we feasted, we did some karaoke, and we played Empire.

We spent Thursday and Friday night at my in-laws house, which was so relaxing. No big plans other than hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. Vishnu and I got to sleep in both mornings. The kids had a blast. We ate some really good food, including dosas. We watched Elf, which Kaiden thought was the funniest movie ever. Fun times!

Once we got home on Saturday, we ate lunch and put away all of our stuff. Once Mila was up from her nap, we headed to Friendsgiving. Again, so much good food. And lots of fun for both the adults and the kids.

Rinse and repeat on Sunday. Morning at home, Mila’s nap, Friendsgiving.

It was a very full week with pockets of downtime. The week day routine is very much welcome though! Until the winter holidays that is…

By Parita

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