It’s Friday! Woo. We made it.

I totally forgot that Thanksgiving is next week (not sure how given this is one of my favorite foodie holidays!). Vishnu has the whole week off, the kids are home, and we have a week full of fun plans. We’re going to an (indoor) water park, we’re a big family Thanksgiving dinner at my SIL’s mom’s house (her dad has ATVs that he plans to take people out on!), and we have two Friendsgivings.

I think I’m going to need a week off after this week off!

Anyways, today’s post is one I hope to make a regular one. Back in the day, many many years ago, I used to curate a Friday post with all my favorite links from the week – articles, blog posts, podcasts, etc. I LOVE it when other bloggers do this because it exposes me to things I wouldn’t otherwise see and read. So I’m bringing it back and anything goes – articles, blog posts, podcasts, recipes, products, etc. I hope this is helpful and fun!

Luluprime – My friend Ankita told me about this IG account, and I love her for it (my bank account not so much!). She shares Amazon finds with coupon codes for things like clothing (mostly women), household goods, and other random products. The discounts are amazing. I’ve already purchased a couple of sweaters, sweatshirts, and a dress! If you’re looking for good deals on quality products, this is the account for you!

Relaxed Woman…a great, reaffirming, and kind of sad.

My BIL and SIL came by for dinner earlier this week and were telling us about this mattress cover by Eight Sleep they recently purchased that’s led to better sleep. It pairs with an app to give them data about how they slept, but they said the best part is they each get to control the temperature of their side of the bed. It’s helped with sleep quality and their power bill apparently. It’s a bit costly, so I told Vishnu that we need to hold off for now (or forever!).

Simplifying the holiday season – a must read for everyone!

Podcast episodes:

Dr. Becky + Adam Grant – Tapping into your kid’s hidden potential

Myleik Teele – This is a new to me podcast, but Myleik is not new to me. She was the moderator at the Dr. Becky event I attended earlier this year, and she’s been on Dr. Becky’s podcast a couple of times. She’s airing some ‘warm up’ episodes right now, and I’m here for them. Such a genuine, honest, relatable voice. Can’t wait for her to launch fully.

Jay Shetty + Adam Grant – Hidden Potential

Mel Robbins + Dr. Gina Poe – All about getting better sleep

Ok, that’s all I have for today! Until next week. Have a good Friday and weekend. Much love!

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