Y’all! It’s a new day. A healthier day. I feel so much better than I did yesterday. Phew! Glad that lasted less than 24 hours.

I was talking to a friend this morning about kids and germs, and as we were talking, I thought about how I’d take a stomach bug over HFM or some of the other stuff my sister tells me about any day. It’s all about perspective!

Ok, so yesterday I shared a post on IG about being my own greatest friend. I highly (and humbly) recommend you read it!

Since sitting down and thinking about this some more, I came to realize that being your own greatest friend isn’t a switch you turn on and off. It requires a lot of patience, inner dialogue, thoughtful consideration, etc. It also requires asking yourself some big questions to ensure you’re aligned to what your heart and soul really want.

One of these questions is – Is this the right XYZ for me?

Is this the right diet for me?
Is this the right workout for me?
Is this the right financial decision for me?
Is this the right city for me?
Is this the right group of friends for me?
Is this the right job for me?
Is this the right partner for me?

XYZ = everyday kind of things to big deeper things that require more unpacking and questioning.

This isn’t an easy question to answer, especially when XYZ is job, partner, friend, etc. Because it’s not easy, I think a lot of people avoid the question and just continue on status quo.

But if you’re going to be your own greatest friend in this one big beautiful life that you get, I think this is a question worth asking.

And you’ll know the answer almost automatically because it’ll either be resounding yes, a no, or something in the middle. If it’s something in the middle, I suggest digging deeper and asking why until you get more concrete answers that you can either address or that lead to a concrete no.

Personally, I like this question because I can totally see how it can inspire action. For example, let’s say you ask yourself, “Is this the right job for me?” And your answer isn’t a big yes or no, but it’s a yes but…well, what comes after the but. What would you change about it? This could lead to more clarity in a future job search, a conversation with your boss about the kind of work you want to do, etc.

This isn’t a ‘this is the right thing for me so I’m going to cut all ties’ kind of question. It’s designed to help you think more deeply about the things in the container of your life, if they serve you, and what could be different to make them serve you better.

I hope this helps in even some small way. Here’s to being our own greatest friend!

By Parita

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