Man, y’all! I woke up around 2 am with my stomach churning, and I honestly thought I was hungry. Then, Mila woke up screaming, so I rocked her, put her down, and laid down on the floor next to her crib. Just as I was about to fall into a deep sleep, I woke up and crept back to my room. Then, around 4 am, I woke up because my stomach felt like it was in knots. And from there, it was all downhill until much later in the day.

I share this because I truly believe the viruses and germs that are circulating right now are on a different level. Every person I know who’s had a cold, myself included, has had it for a minimum of 2-3 weeks.

And in terms of stomach bugs, I’ve had both kids super sick with ones, and I’ve been the one actively taking care of them, cleaning up, etc., and I haven’t felt like how I do today.

Not to alarm anyone (because I’m not a doctor or expert), but THESE ARE SUPER BUGS! Wash your hands and stay vigilant!

Here’s to hoping this thing only lasts <24 hours.

A random pic of us from Diwali. In fact, the only family pic (a blurry selfie at that) we got over the week + long celebrations we had. We need to do a better job!

On to other things about the kids…

We’ve been dealing with some friendship stuff with K, and it’s been so hard to navigate because my heart breaks for him. I also see how he plays sometimes and can admit that he has a lot to work on in this realm.

The thing that gets me the most is that I get triggered when I see him upset/sad…for many reasons. One is that as long as no one is getting hurt physically or being bullied, I know the only thing I can do is talk to him, instill values in him, and show him what being a good friend looks like. He’s then going to have to take all of that and figure out how to manage different situations.

I also remember being a young kid and feeling left out or having people say unkind things – it’s not fun at all. We will get through it stronger though. That I know for sure!

Mila is also proving to be a little challenging at times! This girl is a firecracker in ALL the ways! Anytime we say no to her, take something away, or even appear to be upset, she runs to the gas range and turns on the burners. I did some more research and found something that supposedly fits the Wolf knobs (they’re obnoxiously large). I sure hope they do!

She’s also been getting up randomly at night screaming. When I did the math, it seems to coincide with the transition of sleep cycles, so I wonder if she’s having a bad dream. Two is THE CUTEST and one of the hardest ages so far to date with her! Again, we weill get through it stronger.

In other random news…

I watched Encanto with Kaiden on Friday night for the first time! I LOVED IT! We have been listening to the soundtrack for over a year, but whenever I suggested we watch the movie, Kaiden would decline (very strongly). I finally convinced him. Such a beautiful heart filled story. I already want to watch it again.

It looks Jurassic World III may be the movie of the night this Friday. I’m kind of excited about this one because a lot the original Jurassic Park cast is in it.

I’m currently reading a book called “How to Raise an Adult,” and I’m loving it so far. It talks a lot about helicopter parenting and the damage that does to kids, especially as the transition to college and beyond. Some of the stories the author shares about parental involvement are insane.

Something I’m looking forward to is having my BIL and SIL (I told them about my bug but they still want to come) over for dinner tonight and my sister and BIL at our house over the weekend. Love having our family so close by!

Have a good Tuesday…

By Parita

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