WR (Weekend Recap)

I’ll keep it brief!


Kaiden wanted to watch a movie with me, and I had to pull together a video for our Kids’ Diwali event, so we knocked out both with one stone. I semi-watched Coco with him. I told him that next time we’re watching something new because we’ve watched Coco no less than two dozen times now!


Saturday was very packed. I took the kids to a birthday party close to where we live for a good friend. Then, we came home so I could put Mila down for a nap. Thirty minutes later, Kaiden and I headed out for a classmate’s birthday party that was 30 minutes away. I had an hour after we got home to get ready to go see Nimesh Patel (a comedian) with friends. Phew…I was tired!


Sunday started nice and early because Kaiden and I had to be at the venue for our Kids’ Diwali lunch by 10 am. The event itself was fantastic and so so fun! It ended by 3, so then we drove back closer to home for a Diwali puja with the religious/cultural group we’re apart of.

Again, another busy day, and while I was exhausted, I definitely felt like the weekend filled my cup more than it was drained!


Y’all! Mila is very two. I don’t know what’s going on, but girlfriend is the clingiest and whiniest she’s ever been. It could very well be her teeth, but about a month ago, it was like she changed overnight. I don’t remember this happening with K, so it took us by surprise a little. If I’m around, it’s game over. She cries, she follows me around, she wants to be held, etc. In some ways, I absolutely love it because she’s my last baby, and I’ll take all the cuddles I can get, but it’s also very exhausting.

The other night she was literally up most of the night crying. At some point, I felt bad and couldn’t take anymore, so I held and rocked her. We gave her milk, medicine, but nope…nothing worked. Whatever that episode was, she was tired the next day! Her teacher told me she put herself down for a nap and was the last one up. I put her down 15 minutes earlier that night too, and she was out before I even left her room.

I will say for someone who acts like this at home, she’s generally good when we go out. And she is still VERY cute. I can’t get enough of her!

The State of the World

Like so many of you, I still can’t wrap my head around what’s happening in Gaza. I still wake up and look at the account of the photojournalist I follow, I still listen to podcasts about all of it, I still send all the love I can muster to my Jewish and Muslim friends, I still pray that this is all over soon and that the pain people are feeling is replaced with a sense of oneness. It’s beyond heartbreaking, and just shows how much growth is left for humanity. The fact that not a single leader in this big old world can stop innocent children from being killed boggles my mind, and when you dig into the reasons why no one is stepping up, it further drives home the point of separation and us vs. them. A mentality that will do no good for anyone.

No answers…just babbling…

Everyone Has Something

I coached a client this week who shared some very personal information with me that shook me a bit. Obviously, I can’t and won’t share the details. BUT something we all need to remember is that every person we meet is going through something. There is not a single person on this planet that isn’t battling it out with a challenge, an obstacle, their own demons, etc. Our ‘stuff’ may look and feel different, but we all have stuff. Stuff that’s heavy for us.

A little bit of compassion goes a long way…

By Parita

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