Weekend Recap (WR)

I hoped to have a WR post go live on Monday, but my plans don’t always line up with reality! So here is a quick version…

Friday – Friday was a crazy day. I dropped K off at school, and then drove to the nearest Kroger to shop for a couple of Thanksgiving/volunteer drives we participated in. I then went back to K’s school for an assembly his class was presented in. Then I drove home, picked up Mila and my dad (my parents were watching Mila because we decided to keep her home), and drove to the pediatrician’s office for M’s 2 year appointment. Then we came home, Mila took a nap, I worked out/showered/etc. After coming home from picking K up from his bus stop, we hung out for an hour or so before we (me and K) left for his school’s family game night. Vishnu met us there after work. A back and forth day that makes me that much more grateful the flexibility of time that I have.

Saturday – We got up early on Saturday to get ready to go apple picking with friends. All was going well until Kaiden started playing with a toy he won during BINGO the night before. From that point on, everything went downhill. So much so that I made an executive decision to cancel apple picking. It was such a hard decision to make, but in hindsight, I’m glad Vishnu and I agreed to stay home. I’ll share more in another post because I learned a lot from this one incident.

We spent the rest of the day at home not doing much, but then in the afternoon we headed to my friend Monica’s house for a volunteer event and to hang out afterwards. The volunteer event was wonderful, and the hang out was much needed! Ha!

Sunday – The kids and I attended a church fall festival with our friends Jimi and Jenny on Sunday morning/afternoon. It was so fun! The church did a wonderful setting up activities, food, and games. And most importantly, all the people we met were so kind and welcoming!

I signed us up to attend one last garba on Sunday evening but decided to give our tickets to someone else so we could have an evening at home. The weekend definitely felt full and heavy in a lot of ways, so this worked out for the best.

Halloween 2023

In one word, Halloween 2023 was fun (and COLD)! Kaiden’s class had a party in the afternoon, which I helped with and attended. Then, K and I went to Mila’s school to watch her walk in an in class parade – the cutest little bag of popcorn ever! And then, after dinner, we headed out with the rest of our small neighborhood to go trick or treating. Kaiden had a blast running around, and Mila truly enjoyed walking up to every house and taking a piece of candy. She was so happy – loved seeing that this year!

Thankful to live in a small neighborhood because the kids didn’t come home with tons of candy. That said, I donated a good amount to a drive at Mila’s school.


  1. Chandler Bing passed away. I’m still in shock. Friends debuted in 1994 when I was just 10 years old, but I still remember watching episodes here and there (I know – my parents had no clue!). But my fondest memories around the show were in college where we would watch as a group every week. I still remember watching the finale at our apartment. And of course, I later watched (and continue to) reruns ever since. Matthew Perry’s death feels like such a loss…
  2. I’m so so so very thankful for the women in my tribe. Not only are they kind, fun(ny), honest, open, warm, etc., but they hold space for me (and vice versa) to share whatever’s on my mind and in my heart. And that means the whole world plus some to me. So very lucky and thankful!

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