Mighty Mila is officially 2! I feel every last day of these past two years (ha!), and at the same time, I truly can’t believe our baby is two years old!

Let’s get into the state of our household at this very special milestone…

State of Mila

Mila is a firecracker. She knows what’s she wants and makes it VERY clear! She doesn’t take no (or any variation of no) for an answer. She can go from happy to upset to happy again in the matter of a minute (love this about her!). And she’s just about the cutest little two year old you will ever meet.

In terms of her cognitive, development, she’s doing great. Her ability to vocalize her thoughts and tell us exactly what she’s thinking blows me away. Her vocabulary is off the charts (not that I’m biased!). And she’s even at a point where she can make toddler jokes. It’s the best! She’s definitely going to keep us on our toes for years to come.

Mila has always been a ‘good’ eater in that she’ll always try stuff at the very least. Now that she’s hit true toddlerhood, I can see that changing. She’s more selective about what she eats, but is always down for anything sweet (much like her mom!), yogurt, carbs, pouches, and certain fruits.

Mila’s sleep is much better Kaiden’s at this age. Putting her to bed is fun, and she always finds little ways to make me smile/laugh. She recently started reciting some of our bedtime prayers with me!

Mila loves to play with whatever her brother is playing with, which can be an issue sometimes as you can probably imagine. Even still, her relationship with Kaiden is one of my favorite things. She can be very sweet and very spicy with him, but the sweet times definitely overshadow her spicy moments.

Overall, Ms. Mila is a lot of FUN! She loves to make people laugh, she’s super outgoing and loves to interact with everyone, and at the same time, she has boundaries and will let you know when they’ve been crossed. So basically, my two year old has figured how to live her best life…something that’s take me nearly 40 years!

I can’t wait to see what this next year brings!

State of Kaiden

Kaiden loves being a big brother. He sometimes has a hard time with Mila getting in his space, but he’s also getting better at managing his frustrations as they come up (he has a low frustration tolerance with almost everything so this is a constant WIP). He also has moments of feeling like he doesn’t get enough quality time with me specifically. And I’d have to agree with him because his sister is always there! Given that, I’m trying to make sure he gets special one-on-one time with me and with Vishnu. I know it means a lot to him. I also do this thing where I’ll wink to him as we navigate a tricky situation with Mila to let him know he’s in on something with me. The way he winks back and steps into his role of big brother makes my heart so happy. It truly is the little things.

Other than being big bro, Kaiden is doing great. He loves school. He loves playing and using his imagination. He’s definitely more into reading than he was even a few months ago, and we see big improvements with that. He’s also just really fun to talk to and engage with. The things he says are equal parts thought provoking and funny. The best combo! And I just can’t wait to see more of K’s personality and interests shine through as he gets older!

State of Mom and Dad

Mom and dad are doing well. I’ll go first…

I am really enjoying the blend of coach/soloprenuer life and mom life. I feel like I have the space to do both and grow and develop myself in the areas that I want and need to. I also am acutely aware of how very blessed we are to have family, close friends and resources nearby to support us in whatever way we need. It’s something I try not to take for granted for sure.

Vishnu is doing well too! His work schedule varies by the month by the day, but he does a great job of being present with us when he’s home.

I’d have to say we’re also starting to strike a better balance between our work/our role and mom and dad/ our commitment to each other/our family/our friends. It’ll probably always be a work in progress, but I love that we’re always talking about it and experimenting with different ideas and ways forward.

Well, that sums up how we’re all doing. I have a feeling this next year is going to fly by!

By Parita

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    1. Hi! So we say/sing 1. Om Burbhuva Swaha’ 2. Twameva Mata Cha Pita Twameva 3. Om shanti 5x 4. Om Namay Shivay 5 x and 5. Raja Ram Sita Ram/Radhe Shyam Sita Ram a few times. I picked these because I know them by heart and they were ones we said as a family growing up too.

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