WR = Weekend Recap


Friday was pretty typical as far as Fridays come. My dad came over an hour or so before I had to pick up the kids, so that was nice and helpful. Vishnu went out with his friends after work, so it was nice to have company in the evening.

After putting Mila down, my dad and I worked on a marble run with K. What a fun little toy – for kids and adults! We had so much fun coming up with different routes for the marbles. If you’re kid is a builder, this is the thing for him/her.


Saturday morning started a littttle later than usual because the kids decided to sleep in. Woo!

After breakfast and getting ready, we headed out to Stone Mountain for a fun day with friends.

It’s so funny because we used to go to Stone Mountain all the time when we were kids because that was THE place to take visitors. I see it so differently now that we have kids. It’s so much more fun! Ha!

Anyways, given out little crew, we got to go on the train and skytrain. Next time, I want to spend more time going to the actual holiday stuff (right now it’s all Halloween).


Sunday started with our religious/cultural class, followed by a pancake/eggs/fruit lunch, followed by a visit from my parents (my mom’s back from CA!), followed by lots of family time.

This is a short update, but it was good/balanced weekend with a little bit of everything. Hope y’all have a good week.

By Parita

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