Kaiden had another late start day today, which means school doesn’t start until 10:30. Instead of being annoyed by this, I decided to take him on a breakfast date this morning. He’s been saying that he never gets alone time with me (which is mostly true tbh), and he loves restaurants, so I thought this would be the perfect way to spend our morning. And it was.

The restaurant we went to was just so-so, but they did do some fun art on K’s chocolate milk (a bear!) and we played a game where we named countries and states.

I asked Kaiden what he was most looking forward to today, and he said this. And then he thanked me for planning our date. My heart.

This was the reminder I needed to take advantage of any extra time I get with my kids. It’s all a blessing.

After dropping K off, I came home and sobbed. The videos coming out of Gaza are colored with pain and suffering. Children grieving because they’ve lost their mom/dad/both. Mothers and fathers begging their children to wake up.

I was thinking about why I watch these videos when I know that 1. I can’t do anything to stop this from happening. and 2. They make me so deeply sad. It’s because I have the privilege to turn it all off. I can take a break. But these poor souls can’t. Their lives are a living nightmare. I have to watch. I can’t press the pause/stop button. I just can’t. I pray that everyone who needs strength find it.

Once again, no easy way to transition…but fall is here in it’s full glory. The temps in Atlanta have dropped dropped from highs in the 80s to the 60s and sometimes 50s. Woo! My favorite time of year. Sweaters, boots, sweatshirts, warm drinks, blankets, fire pit, leaves changing colors, Thanksgiving, no more sweating!, etc.

By Parita

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