I went into this weekend with mixed feelings. We had a lot planned, and yet, I still couldn’t (and can’t) wrap my head around the fact that we get to go about normally in our lives while over 800 children are dead across the world.

I’ve been thinking about how I show up and what I share, etc. I’ve also thought about how not everyone is an empath, not everyone sees others suffering as their own, not everyone has the same social/political/spiritual views, etc. That said, I won’t underscore every post I share with this idea of here’s my life AND I know other’s aren’t as lucky. I think most of us understand the privilege that we have. But please know that whether I say it or not, my heart is literally aching for everyone affected by what’s happening in Israel and Gaza and elsewhere in the world.

There’s so much to say/read/learn, and there’s also nothing. At the end of the day these are human beings that are suffering. And we’re all part of the human race. We’re all one. I just wish everyone saw it that way. Given the historical and political complexities of what’s happening, I know just how naive that sounds. But truly, if we really saw other people for who they are…people just like us, the world would be a different place.

There’s no simple way to transition, so here’s a little snapshot of our weekend…

Jurassic World

Kaiden is on a dinosaur/Jurassic World kick lately. We watched Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom on Friday night, and he was so into it! This kid is brave. Even I jumped at certain parts. The true test will come when he watches the original Jurassic Park. Now, that one was scary!

Medal Ceremony at Soccer

Kaiden finished six weeks of soccer on Saturday, and if you’ve been following me for a while, you know this is a wonderful thing! They had a medal ceremony and his coaches said he always showed up with lots of energy!

I’ll be honest, I don’t see a budding soccer star in him just yet. But I did tell him that I am SO SO proud of him for trying his best and cheering his teammates on and just having fun.

Since these six weeks went well, we signed him up for the local rec league which is a bit more intense. We have some time before that starts though! First up is basketball starting next month.

Celebrating Mila Turning 2!

Mighty Mila turns two this week, so we celebrated with family this weekend. It was a low key party – a HBD banner, balloons, Indian food, and an ice cream cake. And it was the perfect way to celebrate our baby girl. I think she had a blast playing with her new toys and reveling in all the attention she got. I can’t believe we have 6 year old and a 2 year old!

K’s Personality Shines Through

We went to our religious/cultural class on Sunday morning, and our teacher was talking about emotions and how we can better manage them. Then she asked, “Who has to deal with our emotions if we don’t take care of them?” And Kaiden yelled out, “Our parents!” The room erupted in laughter! I even got a message from our teacher afterwards telling me what I joy Kaiden is and how she loves his energy. I have to say, K definitely surprises us with his thoughts and expression of his thoughts. I feel like his personality is a lot like mine in some ways, while the mechanics of how he thinks and processes is all Vishnu. So cool!

Navratri 2023

Sunday marked the start of Navratri, and we celebrated by going to a local Garba with the kids. Kaiden has been to a couple of garbas before, but this was Mila’s first. I think she enjoyed it, especially with her little cousin by her side! I loved that it was very kid friendly, and there was plenty of room for everyone to dance and have fun. Even though my kids are only 50% Gujarati, I’m so glad their love for garba is there and growing. Makes me so happy!

I hope you had a weekend surrounded by all your blessings! Lots of love!

By Parita

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