While our weekend ended up looking a little different than originally planned, it was still a fun one!


Kaiden’s school hosted a fall festival on Friday afternoon. It was at a different campus, so Kaiden took the bus there, and Vishnu and I drove down. There were rides, bouncy houses, games, fun stations for hair/face paint/etc., and a few really good food trucks. Fun times were had by all!

We promised K that he could watch Jurassic World on Friday after Mila went to sleep, and that’s exactly what we did. He’s watched all the intense scenes on YouTube, so he wasn’t scared at all. In fact, he wants to watch it again! We shall see…


Saturday started with soccer. I ended up taking K on my own while Vishnu stayed home with Mila. No goals this time, but we finally got him some cleats, and I think they made a big difference for him in terms of confidence (re: in not slipping). I say this because instead of lingering at the edge of all the action, he actually went for the ball a lot this time.

This is where our plans deviated a little. We were supposed to have friends over for lunch, but they had a lot going on and ended up saying no (which I actually loved hearing because it tells me people are 1. comfortable saying no to me and 2. my friend was doing something to decrease her overwhelm). Anyways, we ended up eating lunch as a family of four and just hanging out until about 5:30.

That’s when I left for a girls’ night, and Vishnu took the kids to a friends place whose wife joined me. It was moms night + kids and daddies night. Again, fun was had by all!


I got home at 2 am (I KNOW!) and ended up getting about four hours of sleep (my morning girl was up early!). The boys eventually got up, and we ate breakfast and got ready for our family hike with my dad, sister, BIL, and niece (my mom’s traveling this week). The orginal plan was lunch out with friends, but they had a death in the family and ended up cancelling.

After hiking for about 1.5 hours, we grabbed brunch/lunch which was equally fun because all the kiddos were happy and not going cray cray (and by all the kiddos I mostly mean Mila!). Again, fun was had by all!

The rest of the day was spent trying not to fall asleep…ha!

Hope you had a good weekend, even if it didn’t go quite according to plan!

By Parita

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