Three ish more months to go this year, and I feel both excited about what’s to come and also craving for some solitude + slow down time with the family.

Vishnu asked when our next free weekend is, and when I told him November 11, we both looked at each other with the same look of surprise.

That said, here’s how Q4 2023 is looking…


Mila’s 2nd birthday! Baby girl turns two in a couple of weeks, and this year, we’re opting for a very small immediate family celebration at home.

Garba(s). We’ve already been to one, and we have a couple more this month. It’s funny how Garba has gone from a huge thing that was a given to an invite only, smaller event. It’s much better this way when you have kids, but it also reminds you of how much has changed over the years.

Halloween celebrations. We’re going to Stone Mountain with friends, and then there’s actual Halloween. I have no idea how we talked Kaiden down from being Vision to being a chef, but we did! And he’s going to be the cutest there ever was. What’s Mila going to be? I have no clue. Need to get on that!

Apple picking. We started a tradition with friends last year to go apple picking around this time, and I will say, it’s become something I really look forward to. The farm we go to has petting zoo situation, as well as slides and other fun things for kids. And don’t get me started on the country store – so many delicious goodies! Definitely getting the apple pie (x2) for Thanksgiving!


Nimesh Patel comedy show. We’re going with friends, and I’m excited because his little clips on IG are pretty funny! And also I find that Indian comedians make jokes that are relatable in the funniest of ways!

Annual Kids’ Diwali Lunch. This is something a group of friends and I plan every year.

Diwali pooja.

Diwali family thing. Still need to figure out what this looks like!

Family hiking day trip. This is what Vishnu wants as a belated birthday present, so I have to figure out where we’re going!

THANKSGIVING! My favorite holiday. This year we’re going to my SIL’s parents house, and I’m excited for all the yummy food!


Lots of work luncheons and meetings for me.

I’m sure Kaiden’s school will have a couple, if not a few, events packed into those first two weeks! 🙂

Holidays for the kids…and Christmas! I’m trying to figure out how to make this year extra special without gifts. If you have any ideas, send them my way!

Whatever else pops up!

And that’s Q4 in a nutshell! LET’S GOOOOO!

By Parita

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