Lots of random things on my mind…

So. Much. Crying.

If you walked into my house at any given time, there’s a 70% chance that someone will be crying. I’m so used to it now, AND I also know I’m going to miss all of the noises one day. I try and remember this and tell myself – yes, this is hard, and yes, this activates my nervous system, AND yes, I will miss this.

Another sound that’s on repeat in our house is the Paw Patrol song. Mila is OBSESSED, so she wants to hear Siri play it ALL THE TIME. Oy vey!

Just Be. It’s Ok.

Vishnu and I had an amazing conversation the other night, and the reason it was so special was because deep convos don’t happen as often for us right now. Anyways, at some point, I was talking about how I don’t want to feel so stressed all the time and how I’m scared it’s going to manifest into a disease or something. As a doctor, he knows how true this is, so he told me that it’s ok to be sometimes, and how in fact, it’s important for all of us for me to just be. It was nice to hear this from him, and I really took it to heart in the best way. Then…get this…one of the lessons in our religious class the next day (we’re part of a religious/cultural group that meets every other week) was about letting things be. The Universe really does talk to you…you just have to open up your channels to let the messages in!

Fair Rest

I was listening to the Mel Robbins podcast yesterday, and the doctor she had on as a guest was talking about how relationships aren’t and can’t be 50/50 or a tit for tat kind of thing. Instead, she said to look for opportunities for fair rest. Basically, taking into consideration all that each person does and finding ways for both people to get a fair amount of rest. I LOVE THIS IDEA, especially since mine and Vishnu’s dynamics have changed so much in the last couple of years (re: the work we do – both paid and unpaid). Highly recommend checking out this episode!

90 Second Rule for Emotions

I’ve shared about the 90 second rule of emotions both on IG and LI, so I won’t reshare here…except to say that I use it all the time. If fact, the other day I was sad about something and remembered this rule. So instead of the sadness I felt taking over my every thought and taking me into deep, dark rabbit holes, I told myself this, “I feel sad right now, and that’s ok. This too pass.” I took a few deep breaths and waited patiently, and lo and behold, it did pass. I still get sad when I think about the situation, but the feeling is truly associated with the situation and not the narrative I told myself about the situation. BIG DIFFERENCE!

Tiny Beautiful Things

I am current reading Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed, and y’all, her words are pure magic. There’s something so relatable in what she shares. Essentially, she shares the letters she’s received over the years as Dear Sugar (an advice column that CS wrote for) as well as her brutally honest responses. This book would make a beautiful gift.

And that’s all the reflections I have for now. More to come! Have a great rest of your week!

By Parita

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